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Hello. Iím Dave, G3RIK, Ex Chairman of the Club (2005 - 2017)

First licenced in 1962,  my main radio interests are QRP, homebrew and contest operating (time permitting).
DXPeditions -  including the first activation on 70MHz from the summit of Ben Nevis in July 1965.  Other callsigns previously held include PX1RI, in Andora in June 1968, (with some UK 70MHz firsts), F0IA and EI8BF (now that's nearly a classic). My only other claim to fame is the first G to ZB2 contact on 70MHz back in 1967.


The shack has recently been redecorated and reorganised.
I only use simple antennas:  for HF (160 - 6m) an inverted L, 20m wire at 10m high. On 6m, 4m 2m I use indoor dipoles as well as a simple 2/70cm colinear.

I operate all modes but CW is still favourite.

The Shack

IC-7100 (with 4m)

IC-756 Pro III
ICOM IC-735 (superb old rig)

The Shack - 1960


Playing BPSK-31 on 20m (hence the bored expression!)

Live Webcam when online.
Some recent awards (all CW)

Work  Manchester University (now part-time)        MBC

Amateur Radio Antique bits and pieces


Homebrew Linear amp (Gi7B) A voice recorder


Some of the old radio items I have collected over the years

An early 'transmitting' valve. Marked as Westinghouse, VT17. 
(about 9" long)

An early 2 valve 'kit' radio probably around 1920
The valves used include the one on the left marked as: 918 EDISWAN, ARDE, 2v max, Dull Emitting

Does anyone have any of these valves - in working condition ??

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The G3TDZ multi-band phasing transceiver

This is one of the QRP rigs I made - shortly after regaining an active interest in amateur radio in about 1993.
It is the multi-band phasing transceiver by John Hey, G3TDZ who published a detailed series of articles in RadCom, the journal of the RSGB. 
Running about 5W I have made plenty of contacts, mainly on 40m, including both North and South America, using only a 66ft length of wire, running through the loft and onto a tree at the bottom of a small garden.

I also have 4m modules but only running about 1W - not quite enough from an indoor dipole !! but portable it works well.

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                              QRP tx/rx

The case was made by Tony, G1ITS and many of the bits and pieces came out of the junk box. 

For those that remember the early days of computers the module handles came from the plug-in boards in a DEC Lab PDP12. (It took up a small room, used 3kW and had a fantastic 4k of hand-wired magnetic memory)

An excellent project, great fun and relatively easy to build.


Current Projects

With RADARs members - High power linear amplifiers

a) Power supply (up to 3kV, 1amp) with warm-up delays etc and complete with main blower for linear. Different linears are simply clipped onto the side of the PSU so one PSU can be used for any of the linears.

b) A (baby) linear amplifier for 4m/6m (400W out for 25W in) using a single Russian Gi7B valve in grounded grid. 

The Project so far

The Gi-7B valve.  Easily obtainable and costing a fraction of US equivalents.
Russian Gi-7B
The precision brass mounting ring for the Gi-7B,  made by Alan, G4VVT
The cases (one for the PSU and one for the linear) are being made by Phil, G8HDS

Gi-7B Valve - overall length about 4.5" and heat sink dia. 2.5". Plate dissipation 350W, 2.5kV 600mA max. from HF to 23cm.

Pre-prepared valve also available from G3RIK

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Voice recorder.

Contest operating is so much easier with this simple recorder (repeated - CQ CQ CQ etc) It can record up to 20secs of reasonably high quality audio - and repeat it on command as often as you like.  I tend to include a quiet period in the recording for the VOX to operate - and just leave it running to do all the hard work

Based on the low cost ISD1420 and bits from the junk box the complete unit was built for less than £10.

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