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Photos taken during some of our recent contests   VHF NFD 2000

Here's Mervyn and Andy unloading some of the aerials in preperation for NFD2000. The location was a few miles to the north of Rochdale, some 1540ft asl, in July.  Usually wet and windy we managed to dodge the weather and got everything erected without getting too wet.
A couple of our beer sponsor's (from the Cemetery Pub in Rochdale) enjoying a light supper from our canteen, at the same event.  The chief 'cook', Dave G0PUD can be seen diving back into the kitchen to provide for the rest of us.
G3RIK operating the 2m rig and Martin (SWL) keeping the log.  Mervyn G0EUP keeping an eye on things.
The 2m, 6m and 70cms aerials. 
(The 4m antenna has been taken down and replaced by the 6m antenna for the 2nd half of the contest)

Very overcast and it got considerably worse !!!!

 And here are some more archive photos