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Amateur Licence Exams, Tutorials and Morse
Radio Amateur Licence Courses are available at RADARS - .  Just ask.
These are primarily 'on-demand' courses and exams - set for your convenience.
Congratulations to out first students:  Phil, Steve, Eddie and Martin on succesfully completing the course and passing the exam on Sunday 24/3/02 at RADARS.  And some pictures of the day

RADARS HQ is now a registered examination centre for all UK Amateur Radio Exams. 
Tutorials & Courses are available on request for all exams.....

Foundation Licence Exam - 45mins (25 multi-choice questions) 
The Intermediate Exam 
- 75mins (45 multi-choice questions)
Advance Licence Exam - 2hrs starting at 18:30: - (62 multi-choice questions) - (Dates as announced by RSGB)

As at Oct 2017 - The exam fees are as follows: FL 27.50; IL 32.50; AL 37.50. 

Simply contact any club member, call in at the club, email to RADARS@radars.me.uk,  or phone Dave on 01706 633400 most evenings (abt 7.30pm)

Class B Licence holders and HF -  Facts from OFCOM

All Class B licence holders may now operate on HF without morse.

As from Saturday 27th July 2003 the morse requirement to operate on HF has been removed.  This means that all Class B licence holders automatically become full Clas A licence holders.
New Ham Licences details (from RSGB) Foundation Licence Information (RSGB)

Studying for any of the The Radio Amateur Exams

from Chelmsford ARS   (Superb site) A complete course from beginner to Foundation Licence or even the full exam. 
Study at home !!
Highfields Amateur Radio Club

Fantastic site with loads of advice & training
 hamtests.co.uk    FREE ONLINE TRAINING - A superb site for helping to get you through the exams


Very useful for the Full Licence

Morse Classes
  • Foundation Licence Morse Course
  • Morse Course (still the best mode!)
These are both available as tutorial courses at RADARS