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 List started 1st January 2007

name : Dave
callsign :
Phone :
comments: Superb site - well done

name : Tommy
callsign : m0boc
Phone : 07761706230
Date: 27/02/07
comments: hello RADARS. Just Browsing

name : ace
callsign : xx
Phone : x
comments: http://www.openshawradio.co.uk

Local community radio in openshaw...

name : Debra
callsign : M3 DBY
Phone :
Date: 07/04/07
comments: Easter wishes to you all.
Just browsing the site.

Debra, Shaun Kris and Josef

name : Merlyn
callsign : None
Phone : None
comments: "Thanks for interesting site. Keep up a great work."

name : Fred
callsign : None
Phone : None
comments: This could be a lot nicer i think.

name : Lyle
callsign : VE7BN
Phone : (604) 939-2145
Date: May 18, 2007
comments: By the call you may guess that I am an old time ham operator - Visit Rochdale every other year - may visit your club if guest welcome - Does your club monitor any 2M frequency - and if so may I have the frequency and any sub audible tone. Will not have my 20M and beam along but maybe a hand held.

name : Doreen
callsign : VE7IYL
Phone : 604-931-5457 Canada
Date: May 18, 2007
comments: Interesting site. Will be in Rochdale, UK with my partber in early September

name : john mckinnon
callsign : G8JIT
Phone : 07778501187
Date: 7/7/08
comments: Just broswing, looks like a good club in the town I was born.

name : John
callsign : G4GSL
Phone : 07935 188871
Date: 8 july 08

name : Mark
callsign : G1XGN & M3ARK
Phone :
Date: 14 July 2008
comments: Guyís this is a great site.

Itís good to see some familiar names faces from the past. I used to attend the club when it was held at the Cemetery. Iíve no equipment at present so therefore no need to renew my licence. However, after seeing this website I may do something about it.

All the best.


name : Dave N
callsign : VK2TDN
Phone :
Date: 23 Aug 2008
comments: keep up the good work guys :)

name : Dave Bowker
callsign : M1EKH
Phone :
Date: 30/8/08
comments: Hello folks I`m now on the internet.

name : Debra
callsign : M3 DBY & G8 VHO
Phone : 07971877429
Date: 1/10/08
comments: Hi all

Read about the fire on the internet.
Hope there wasn't much damage to the radio shack!

Take care for now

Debra n Shaun

name : Brian Riley
callsign : M3UEI
Phone : XXXXXX
Date: 26nov 08
comments: Glad to sign your guest book...

name : Sebastian
callsign : SQ9IWC
Phone : +44 07835816759
Date: 07/01/2009
comments: All the best for all group.

name : Iain
callsign : M1RPW
Phone :
comments: I'm so sorry to learn of the arson attack at the club shack. I hope you get settled into a good meeting place and I wish you all well.

I hope the shack gear all made it? That 901/2 / 101 ZD is a dream.

name : John.
callsign : G3XPZ
Phone : 01706 829613
Date: 1-09=2009
comments: Just browsing not been on for 30yrs! I will possibly come to the rally in November to renew my interest.Very good site

name : Dave Bowker
callsign : M1EKH
Phone :
Date: 30/11/09
comments: Still canot get into members section of this website

name : Alan King
callsign : G6UQC
Phone : 01614080884
Date: 05/01/10
comments: I've not been to a "Radio Rally" for years - Most have gone. I'll try to remember yours - but November is a long way off - 73 Alan

name : Dave Bowker
callsign : M1EKH
Phone :
Date: 5/1/10
comments: Still can't get into the members area.Happy new year anway.

name : tom
callsign : swl
Phone :
Date: 02/03/2010
comments: Will RADARS be takeing part in the RSGB Contest on tuesdays night ?

name : Brian (Ace) Riley
callsign : M3UEI
Phone : 07902280192
Date: 19 march 2010
comments: Great site and great people who run the site very helpful.

name : Brian (Ace) Riley
callsign : M3UEI
Phone : 07902280192
Date: 19 march 2010
comments: Great site and great people who run the site very helpful.
why not try manchester local station with james stannage key 103s ex shock jock and much more
listen on friday/saturday and sunday nights especially interesting but they run 24/7 from a studio in manchester run by volunteers from commercial radio entertainers(frank side bottom etc).

name : Dave
callsign : M3DVT
Phone :
Date: 9-10-10
comments: hello all....

name : john mckinnon
callsign : g8jit
Phone : 07739 122977
Date: 13/11/2010
comments: Many tahnks to RADAR's for letting me have the space at the rally FOC. I donated the fee to macmillan, on the clubs behalf.
Managed to raise £110 for the charities, which I am sure will go some way to help them.
John G8JIT

name : Alan Goddard
callsign : M0TEA
Phone :
Date: 15/11/10
comments: See You At The Rally

name : simon marchini
callsign : G4TOZ
Phone : 07974-126594
Date: 27-12-2010

name : simon
callsign : G4TOZ
Phone : 07974126594
Date: 15/1/11

name : Mike
callsign : G8IC
Phone :
Date: 05/03/2011
comments: Hope to call as a guest someday soon.
Not been active for quite a few years (very rusty now)lol

name : walter
callsign : ve7sm
Phone :

name : Martyn Heelam
callsign : M3JLY
Phone : 07981710656
Date: 10/04/2012 Time 10:30am
comments: Just Browsing through the For Sale or Wanted Stuff.

also keep up the good work with the Website its very good.

name : karl
callsign : m0kul
Phone :
Date: 8/10/2012
comments: Just looking though the web page .......

name : Keith Richardson
callsign : G8RFF
Phone :
Date: 24/10/2012
comments: Would like to send a message to G8TTU
used to work with him back in the 1980s when i used
to live over in Todmorden
would be nice for an update by e-mail as i still cant
get through those hills on 2mtr
73s Keith

name : Edward Baker
callsign : G1MXP // swl at present
Phone :
Date: Jan 4 2013
comments: Congrats on fine operating of G100RSGB...well done

name : Ray Moore
callsign : G4CEJ
Phone :
Date: 13 JUN 2013
comments: Saw a ref to the Flea Sale so thought I'd have a browse at the site.
Well impressed so congrats to everyone an Best 72/73 to all
especially the GREAT ONE!!!!

name : Dave Bowker
callsign : M1EKH
Phone :
Date: 20/12/13
comments: Bet you are wondering how Ileft this message

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