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RADARS Linear project


The aim of this project was to try and build reliable linear amps from HF to 23cm using low cost components, preferably from junk boxes, scrap equipment and thrown away items.
Even the aluminium panels are recycled from accident damaged buses.

The principle design philosophy is to use one PSU which can then be used to power any one of several different linears. 

The PSU A 'universal' PSU which can supply up to 3kV 
(2.4kV @ 1Amp). 
4m/6m 400W Linear A low power 'baby' linear using a single Gi-7B
HF Linear Using 2x Gi-7Bs

Items purchased so far include:
Farnel Components
 (total cost about 60)
8x 470uFd 400v capacitors
16x 1kV 2A diodes
20x 1000pF 10kV caps
20x 1000pF 1Kv caps
16x Power resistors
eBay auctions
  (Gi-7B, cost about 20 ea) 
  (Doorknob caps cost about 1.50 ea)

Gi-7B valves
680pF 10kV doorknob caps

Other's Gi7B projects,  background information and data