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Morse Practice

G4FON Morse Trainer
This is a simplified version of the Koch method and it works very well.  Simply download version 9  and enjoy.
This has now been adopted by RADARS as their morse training route.

Remember CW is the still best mode.  Practice a few minutes each day and you will be surprised at how quickly you learn CW.

Suggested program settings are;
Each character sent at 25wpm (not slow but essential for you to be able to hear the pattern without counting dots & dashes)
Start with a slow rate (eg Farnsworth 6wpm)
Tone in the region of 750/800Hz
First learn all letters, then add numbers.  Later add common punctuations (? /  bk (=) )
Later simply increase the wpm speed (aim for 20wpm within a few months)

Morse Machine (can be downloaded here)

Morse Machine is one of the best tools ever for learning to read Morse at a good speed. It is an adaptation for Microsoft Windows of the Morse Code Teaching Machine designed by Ward Cunningham and first described in an article in the May 1977 issue of QST.

Morse Machine teaches Morse code using a tried and tested technique called the Koch Method. Instead of encouraging you to memorize the dots and dashes for each letter and number - a bad practise that usually results in an inability to receive at faster than about 12wpm - Morse Machine sends quickly enough that you have to learn to recognize the sound of each letter, right from the start. The slowest it will send is 20wpm, so once you have learned the code using this program you will be able to receive at that speed - fast enough to QSO with 80% or 90% of stations on the air! The only ability you need is a reasonable familiarity with the computer keyboard, so that you can quickly press the right key for the character you heard.

K7QO's Code Course  

Try this method - it really seems to work very well.  From absolute beginner to advanced op. 10 ot 15 minutes a day and you will be up to 30wpm before you know it!

Simply download and run on your PC or even on your MP3 player

Download information from RADARS
"When we hear the symbol for a letter we must immediately, within a half second, say or write, or both, that letter. Dit dah A . Not dit dah umm...A. The very instant you hear the last dit or dah, SAY the letter. Do this over and over and over. Take on two or three letters, one at a time, and learn them until you OWN them. Then add another letter, but still keep reviewing the ones you already know. The trick is to OVERLEARN them so they become second nature."
Introduction  (Adobe pdf)
Manual  (Adobe pdf )
Instant Recognition  (Adobe pdf )
Using an Iambic Paddle Key  (Adobe pdf)

Text of all morse files  (Unzip to your hard disk)

MP3 Files of Code Course are available on request from
(download each file, unzip and save to PC or a CD for MP3 player - large 450MB total)

File1 (0 - 45)          File2 (46 - 90)    File3 (91-130)
File4 (131 - 190)    File5 (191 - 220)
The download from K7QO's website is very large (350MB) so if you do not have broadband collect a copy CD from RADARS

Just Learn Morse Code

If you prefer a PC trainer then try this one.  It really is very good and again should have you to a basic speed level in no time.
Just remember that a few minutes each day is the best way to learn.

Another nice practice program which you download to your own PC.  Written by DK5CI - you'll enjoy MorseCat. Just download and unzip. The latest version also allows editing your own tests.

Download from RADARS:

or you could come along on Monday evening to the RADARS club - and join a live morse class. 
No start date - just ask Dave, G3RIK.

So - what is Morse Code
Here is the Wikipedia definition

Who was Samuel Morse