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It is with deep regret that RADARS have to announce the death of one of its founding fathers
Phil MacKimm, G8HDS
Phil passed away peacefully after a short illness.
He was a valued member of RADARS and will be dearly missed.
Our sympathies go with his family and his friends


An excellent series of talks, essential for any club, which will hold us in good stead for competitions and rally set up.

We are pleased to announce that 3 more candidates recently passed their Foundation Exam, left to right:
Lee M6LKW; Les M6KQP; Phil M6KQO; and club secretary, lead instructor & registered assessor Phil M0KPH

We wish them well for their upcoming Intermediate exam.


Robert (M0ZVF) and Eddie (G7DNM)
Operating the QRP station
The Clubs new Clark pump-up mast
 with 11el yagi

A View of the site on Rooley Moor
1540ft ASL (IO83VQ)

About Antennas, Feeders, Stubs etc

A superb chat by Alan which was well appreciated by all


A superb follow on from Rob's talk on March 1st.
Here showing the effects of the solar wind
when it hits the earth and leading up to Aurora

Wednesday 19th April 2017

A very well presented and interesting talk by Robert (M0NVQ)
on DMR (Digital Mobile Radio).  A relatively new digital mode, either simplex or through repeaters, for radio amateurs which offers far better modulation characteristics than other digital modes.  No more 'Dalek' sound effects when the signal gets a bit weak and new handheld Tx/Rx are available from only about 90.

Talk by BYLARA

Wednesday 29th March at RADARS


A very interesting and well presented talk by Val (G6MML), assisted by Glen (G6HFF) covering the history of BYLARA and excellent coverage of some of their amateur activities.  These included oprations on HF and VHF from exotic WAB squares, SOTA,Trig points and IOTA.

Here is a link to their site

South Ronaldsay:- Will be on Island from 22nd April to 6th May 2017. WAB squares are ND48 & ND49 Call sign GB4SRO in WAB ND49. Also hope to work some more WAB squares on Mainland Orkney & SOTA peaks if possible, using our own callsigns (G6MML / G6HFF)

North Uist:- Will be on Island from 19th August till 2nd September WAB squares:- NF 67, 66, 76, 77, 87, 86, 85, 97, 96, 95. Not sure how many can be worked but will try as many as possible. Call signs will be GM6MML/A/P & GM6HFF/A/P

The Magnetosphere

Wednesday 1st March

Rob giving the talk with Dave G3RIK
in the background
The Magnetosphere
A fascinating talk by Rob covering the sun, from its core, to photosphere, chromosphere, prominances and flares, plasma and magnetic field interactions.  Superb photos and videos including spectacular prominances and flares and coronal mass ejections with consequent interactions with the earth's magnetic field.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this very enlightening presentation.

We now eagerly look forward to Rob's follow up talks.

Have a look at - https://www.nasa.gov/sun - for more information about the sun.

Chris is unwell


Guest speaker Chris Moulding, Cross Country Wireless,
will speak about SDR radio including SDR transceivers. 

Wednesday the 11th of November 2016 saw 5 further successful exam passes for members of Rochdale And District Amateur Radio Society - 4 Foundation and 1 Advanced,


Pictured left to right: Ashley (M6ODS), Dave C (M6HYA), Phil - Secretary and Lead Instructor (M0KPH), Keith (M0THI), Ray (M6KHT), John - President (G7OAI), Lee (M6HXL).
Ashley, Dave C, Ray, and Lee are now studying for their Intermediate.

We are pleased to announce two further exam successes in March, with Cate (M6XVJ) passing her Foundation exam and Keith (2E0THI) passing his intermediate.

Both are now concentrating on the next exam, for which we wish them good luck.

Wednesday April 13th 2016 kicked off our season of talks, with John (G7OAI on the right) and Alan (G7EQK on the left), giving a presentation on RAYNET.

For those who were not familiar with RAYNET this was a fascinating insight into the work carried out by the group and its volunteers.

Boxing Day 2015                                      and here it is
(Link to Video)    Complete with Traffic Wardens looking for illegally parked (submerged) cars    :-(
Link to article in the Mirror

Following the RADARS AGM Wednesday December 16th 2016

Committee changes are as noted on the 'about us' page.

Membership fees are now due and remain at 20pa

BREAKING NEWS - 16/11/2015
GB7HM has been stolen from site in NorthWales
 NEW DIGI REPEATER GB7HM was stolen last night duplexer as well .

or to gw0hus@onetel.com

police have been informed and on site

October 2015.

Three more RADARS members have successfully passed their Foundation Exam.

Front row, left to right are;
Jensen (M6MZN), Keith (M6THI) and Steve (M6MVM).  Looking on, back row, are club president John (G7OAI) and one of the club's instructors Phil (M0KPH).

All 3 are now working their way towards the Intermediate exam.

The first of a series of talks, on the 7th of October 2015, with Dennis Anderson (G6YBC) of Kanga Products.

Dennis started the evening with a presentation on "Tools and Test Equipment for Home Brewing", then went on to show some of the many kits on offer from Kanga Products, including explaining the history and development behind some of the kits.

Link  kanga-products.co.uk


VHF NFD 3/4/5 July 2015
On Scout Moor wind-farm site - next to highest turbine - IO83VQ
Propagation conditions once again very poor on all bands.
RADARS only came 4th this year

Saturday 1st August 2015

Saturday the 1st of August 2015 saw the first Rochdale and District Amateur Radio Society's fox hunt, which they are hoping will become an annual event.


Competitors met for registration outside the Owd Betts pub, Edenfield, at 17:30 for an 18:00 start, with Eddie (G7DNM) being this years fox.


The time waiting for the event to start was put to good use discussing tactics and checking out the various set ups being used. These included everything from shop bought antennas to a number of home made offerings, including the almost customary tape measure yagi.


Whilst the fox wasn't caught on this occasion, a few did get quite close. Lewis (M3HHY) and Roy (M0LEX) were eventually declared the winners, as it was felt they got the closest.

Left to right - Lewis (M3HHY), Roy (M0LEX)
and Eddie (G7DNM) the RADARS Fox

A Link to the youtube video by the winners

Following the Committee Meeting - 29/7/2015

Will all RADARS members please check their membership details listed on the RADARS website
(RADARS Members LOGIN page)
and email any details you want added or changed to Dave@radars.me.uk.

It is with deep regret that RADARS have to announce the death of one of its former members
Pete Hinchcliffe
in April 2015 after a determined battle against cancer
Our sympathies go with his family and his friends


Last Wednesday of each Month at 8pm

All members are encouraged to attend


Following the RADARS AGM  on WEDNESDAY 17th DECEMBER 2014
Subs are now due and remain at 20/yr for now.

Currently there is no joining fee (as at 22nd December 2014)

VHF NFD 4/5/6 July 2014
On Scout Moor wind-farm site - next to highest turbine - IO83VQ
Propagation conditions worst for years on all bands.
RADARS Came 2nd again this year
(See a few pics)


RADARS, G0ROC/P enters the PW QRP 2m Contest
from the top of Rooley Moor on Sunday June 15, 2014

RADARS came 8th out of 63 entrants
(See a few pics)

SOTABEAMS TALK - Wednesday 28th May 2014 -

Richard, G3CWI's talk was lively and interactive with
demonstrations of gear and techniques for portable operating.
A superb evening and very many thanks to Richard


Download  'Morse Machine' from G4ILO's website
Load to your PC
(Windows 95,98,Me,2000, XP or Vista - not sure about 7 & 8)
Run it -
about ten minutes per day should do it

You will be surprised at how quickly you pick it up
Slowest morse speed 18wpm but a decent gap to allow you to type the response
Try letters only at first then include numbers and later symbols

Regular 'tests' at RADARS to see how you are doing and hope to set up on air tests soon

G100RSGB was active from RADARS
Until 31/12/2012

On-Air from 12.15am until 2am
then from 8.30am until close

80m - 2m

Over 2000 stations contacted

RADARS UN IYC 2012 - Special Event Station - now completed
GX0ROC on-air from 1/8/2012 to 31/12/2012

DXCC   118
QSOs   2020

Many many thanks to all who helped and
particularly other Rochdale Radio Clubs.
The spirit of co-operation is alive.

Modes Used
PSK31 / 62

Follow the link to COOP for an outline of proposed activities GX0ROC QSLs by return
or request a QSL card - email:   QSL@radars.me.u
k  (QSO - date/time/freq. please)
For a list of countries worked, in support of United Nations IYC 2012, by GX0ROC - follow this link
Links to

Celebrating our heritage - Rochdale Town Centre Trail
Rochdale MBC getting ready to welcome the world

2nd in 2013

News Flash (Oct 2012)

RADARS WINS VHF NFD (M&M Section) once again 
(RSGB Contest Results)
and was presented with the G5BY trophy on
Wednesday 5th December at RADARS
by Dave Wilson, RSGB President

(Rochdale Online Link)

RADARS Constitution has been amended following the EGM on 3rd October 2012.
Changes involve;  Address change, Position of President, Affiliate membership

Details may be viewed by members in the private (login) section of the website

Cushcraft 8-band vertical now installed at RADARS. (1 Aug 2012)
Many thanks to all those that helped make it happen.  On the air at last!!!

RADARS Flea Market Rally - Held on Saturday - 12/5/12
A superb rally and will definitely be on RADARS calendar of events for next year.  It was very well attended with vast amounts of very useful bits and pieces.  Everyone seemed to be taking far more home than they brought!  More news will follow shortly.

Note for M6s from Roy Taylor


Could you please let all of your M6 members know that I am the R.S.G.B. Sub Manger for M6 QSLs, and I may have qsl cards for them.

I have started a forum for all M6s were they can talk about anything, upload photos, files etc. I have also put files on there telling how the QSL Bureau works and other files saying who I have qsl cards for and who have Envelopes

This is my Address, Phone numbers and Email

Roy Taylor M0RRV

01405 812134 / H
07979 311750 / M


FORTHCOMING TALKS AND EVENTS                Look at our CALENDAR for current details

VHF NFD 1/2/3 July 2014 - RADARS Entry - see calendar for details

RADARS Basement Shack is nearing completion - when finished we hope to re-start talks/demos etc in the new venue

We are also planning for the winter season 2011/12 series of talks etc. Please forward any requests or ideas you might have on appropriate subject matter etc.
EMail: talks@radars.me.uk

Suggestions received so far
  • Talk and video presentation 'Flying for Fun'
  • Talk 'From vintage valve radios to DAB'
  • Inter Radio Club challenge quiz, (with heavy bias towards amateur radio past and present.)
  • Inter Radio Club Foxhunt challenge
If you are interested in attending a group visit please let Dave, G3RIK know ASAP
Full details of the calendar for talks etc will be published here first and circulated to local amateur radio clubs

Visitors are more than welcome to attend any of the above events and talks

Note: If possible could non-club members please Email beforehand.

RADARS Wins VHF NFD Mix & Match Section and are awarded the G5BY trophy
and Certificates for Mix & Match and 70MHz in 2010

SOME PAST CLUB TALKS/EVENTS (2010) - The new venue will be ready soon (Feb 2012)

November 24th
Talk by RAYNET including a demo of APRS and Digital Messaging. Speaker will be Roger Alexander, (2E0WWZ) County Controller for Gtr. Manchester, assisted by Chris Moulding, G4HYG, MD of Cross Country Wireless.
Many thanks to Roger and Chris for a very enjoyable evening with an excellent and informative talk about APRS and RAYNET.
A few Photo's of the talk   1   2     4

October 27th

Organised group visit to the Astronomy Centre, Todmorden.
A fantastic evening hosted by Peter and Andy of the Astronomy Centre. Everyone who attended said how much they had enjoyed your talk and the hands on experience with a quality 16" telescope. It was particularly noted just how knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated both are on the subject.

Demonstration of a radio controlled mini-helicopter.  Many interesting features emerged, such as the ultra lightweight Li/Polymer battery, the micro miniature motors and servos, the auto steering gyroscope and the multi channel auto logging 2.4GHz controller and receiver. Some additional details can be found Here for micro helicopter details and Here for mini gyro details, and a youtube video demonstration of just how dangerous Li/Po batteries can be when handled incorrectly. Here is a picture of the helicopter with two of the club's Alans (G7EQK, G4VVT) in the background during the demo.

April 21st
Demonstration of live aircraft monitoring using available sites on the internet (Note: Use Firefox rather than IE to load theseRadarVirtuel and FlightRadar24) and using Skype to listen to a remote scanner monitoring Manchester Airtraffic Control.

April 14th
Demonstration and operation of a Yeasu FT-897D

April 7th

Demonstration of a Kinetic Avionic SBS-1 real time virtual radar. Installation of software on a PC and monitoring of local live aircraft movements

March 31st

Demonstration of a model aircraft flight simulator on a large screen projector display

March 24th

Demonstration of on-line amateur radio teaching and training software on a large screen projector display

March 17th

How to set up Ham Radio Deluxe to control a remote amateur station, an IC-756Pro3 and using Skype for the audio link.

March 10th

Demonstration of on-line monitoring and mapping of world-wide shipping and the location of a radio ham operating onboard an antarctic survey vessel close to the Falkland Islands (heard but not worked yet)
Club Members Contest operations 2010

BERU Commonwealth contest
March 13/14th - CW

G3RLE, Restricted, 24hr section -
152 contacts

G3RIK, Restricted, 12hr section -
55 contacts

CQ WW 160m CW Contest,
January 30/31st

G3RLE, low power Section, 62,820
(currently listed as 3rd G claimed score)

G3RIK, low power section, 45,408
(currently listed as 5th G claimed score)

Next Main Club Contest

(6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm) 
6/7/8 July 2012

Overall RADARS finished in 1st place in the mix and match section (G5BY rophy)
Very well done to all concerned
6m - 4th - 106,888      4m - 3rd - 36,035      2m - 5th - 47,757   70cm - 4th - 7,326

POST-EVENT - VHF NFD (2010)    and a map of the stations worked (a bit slow to load but interesting)    6m    4m    2m    70cm

2x Caravans for 6/4m and 2m and a tent for 70cm onsite - 1550ft ASL at the Scout Moor Wind Farm

Friday July 2nd - 3pm on.  All antennas and tx/rx systems were completely installed by 22.00z and a few contacts showed everything was working well.

Saturday July 3rd
   6m, 2m 70cm started ontime at 14.00z.  All stations reported good conditions with Es and Tropo.  22.00z ended the 6m section and 6m rig (IC-756Pro3 + 400W linear) were replaced with the 4m setup (FT-847 & HB 160w Linear) and ready for testing by 00.00.  2m continued until 03.00z when operators fell asleep.

Sunday July 4
. 4m started ontime at 08.00z and 4m/2m reported excellent conditions again with plenty of Es and tropo to Europe.  Unfortunately the wind had increased overnight to the level were the 70cm tent blew down, so we had to give up on 70cm completely after that.  14.00z saw the end of the contest and all stations, antennas included had been dismantled and stowed by 16.30z despite occasional downpoors and high wind. Caravans were taken back into storage and everyone was back home for 18.00z

Congratulations and thanks go to all who turned up and particularly to those who helped set-up, operate and dismantle.  More Photos of the event will appear shortly

RADARS membership fees

Membership fees for RADARS remain at £15 pa.
Currently there is no additional joining fee.

An updated list of RADARS members is published in the secure area (Feb 2012)

It is with deep regret that RADARS have to announce the death of one of its members,
Chris Mackay, M0TVL
Chris passed away peacefully after a short illness.
He was a valued member of RADARS and will be dearly missed.
Our sympathies go with his family and his friends

Canadian visitors to RADARS on Monday 17th September 2008 (VE7BN Lyle and VE7IYL Doreen).

The club was very pleased to meet two visitors on holiday in the UK from Canada, Lylle, VE7BN and Doreen VE7IYL on Monday evening during our club on-the-air activity night.  

Unfortunately conditions on HF were quite poor on the evening and we were unable to raise anyone in their area at home.

We wish them both well and a safe homeward journey and hope to meet them again when next in the UK


January 2005  Monkey Business by Pete Hinchcliffe
February 2005 RADARS Newsgroup
January 2010 RADARS  CONTESTING Latest Update