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April 07 - The SBS1 Virtual Radar System.  Dave G0PUD

February - Manufacture of printed circuit boards for home construction. Alan, G4VVT.

March - RAYNET. The radio amateurs emergency communications network. 
A talk by the County Controller for Gtr. Manchester, Jon Mossman 

April  Repeaters and the Internet.
A talk by Dave, G7OBW and Graham, G4HFG

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April 2007.  A Talk and Demonstration by Dave, G0PUD
The SBS1 Virtual Radar System’…or … How to spot planes without leaving your house!!

An  explanation of the Kinetics Aviation  virtual radar system which enables you to track in real time the height, speed and direction aircraft from up to 200miles away.
How it works, how much it costs, how it links with other systems, and how to get the best out of it…

 Held on Monday  2nd April 2007 @ 8.15pm

February  - Manufacture of printed circuit boards for home construction. Alan, G4VVT. 

Alan gave an excellent talk and demonstration showing in detail the processes involved in making a simple PCB.  Using either the more eloborate technique involving photoresist coated copper boards, exposed under UV lighting through the PCB drawing, developed then etched in Feric Chloride solution or simply drawing the circuit directly onto a clean copper board using a permanent marker pen, Alan succesfully demonstrated the manufacture of a simple PCB.

A typical, hand drawn,  board is shown here using permanent marker pen directly onto the board.

This is in fact the EHT board in the PSU for the club's linear project produced shortly after Alan's talk


March  - RAYNET. The radio amateurs emergency communications network. 
A talk by the County Controller for Gtr. Manchester, Jon Mossman 

Jon gave a first class talk covering many aspects of RAYNET, the Radio Amateur Emergency Network. 

He detailed the sort of jobs the group has been called on to do, particularly in support of the 'blue light' emergency services and covered the equipment used leading to the state of art ASP systems which link GPS and radio to provide an accurate  and up-to-date location beacon of individual stations in the group. 

He also covered the more routine aspects of the service in providing check-point cover and information relaying back to control during charity events - such as the University 'Bogle Stroll' where hundreds of students attempt the 55 mile walk from Manchester to Blackpool to raise funds for charity.

Here's Jon with some of the poster displays he brought along to the talk

RAYNET Zones for Greater Manchester

Operating stations for RAYNET

Support by RAYNET for a charity walk event

April.  Repeaters and the Internet.

A Talk by Dave, G7OBW and Graham, G4HFG

This was a first class talk/presentation which took us through the whole background of repeaters in the UK, their development, construction and running costs. It was particularly interesting to hear of the current problems with site rental, now soaring because of the demand for such good coverage locations by commercial users. [Any amateurs out there with a good location to rent ??].  The simplicity of the repeater design was surprising, with much 'home-brew' techniques in evidence, but the difficulty of transmitting and receiving simultaneously on the same antenna appeared to involve rather expensive commercial equipment - which obviously added considerably to installation costs.  The cavities used on GB3MP for example, at more than £1800, made up for well over half the total installation costs of a typical site (average £2500).

Graham then took us through the recent developments with interconnections between amateur stations, repeaters and the internet. This allows, for example, a mobile operator on 70cm in the UK to talk (via their local repeater, the internet and the hosts local reapeater) with a similar mobile station in the USA, Australia or wherever. Safeguards are built in to ensure compliance with UK licence regulations and the connection between radio and the internet is under constant monitoring by the controller both in the UK and the person to whom they are connected.

All in all a most fascinating evening and very much appreciated by everyone who attended.

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