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Don't you want the highest interest you can get for your savings? You can compare the savings interest on, we keep a daily record of the interest on savings accounts and deposits for you. This way you can always see with which savings bank you can save with the best interest. Check the savings interest comparison regularly to get the best return on your money!

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Banca Privata Leasing (via Raisin)

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5 years

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10 years


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History of savings interest

The chart above shows the highest interest rates for savings accounts without conditions . This type of savings is also called free savings and are freely withdrawable savings accounts without restrictions. This graph provides a good picture of the historical interest rate for savings.

Save with the best interest

You do not save for nothing: it is about achieving your savings goal with the highest interest rate that goes with it. To do this, you first look at the type of savings, then at the interest rates.

Choose a savings form

The choice of the best form of savings depends on your savings goal and your expectations regarding interest rate development . If you have a large amount that you will only need over a longer period of time and you do not expect any interest rate increases, a deposit with a fixed interest rate is a logical choice. Otherwise, you probably opt for a savings account with a variable interest rate.

Interest rate development

The future development of interest on savings accounts is difficult to predict. If you still want to get an idea about this - look at the development of the interest rate used by the ECB and the Nationalbank interest rates . These interest rates provide a good picture: savings interest rates usually follow the direction of these rates with some delay.

Compare savings accounts and interest rates

After the choice between savings account or deposit, the choice of a specific savings bank and account follows. Here we now look at the guarantee system under which the bank falls, at the conditions of the account and of course at the interest on savings.

Various interest rate comparisons

In our savings interest comparison we distinguish between all savings accounts , savings without conditions , deposit savings and business savings . Which comparison you use depends on the type of savings you have chosen. Subsequently, the interest rates are especially important: you then choose the savings account with the highest interest within the savings guarantee that you trust.

Check the conditions

Of course, saving is not just about the interest: the possible conditions can have a major influence. The variation in savings conditions is great - so when you are saving with conditions, carefully check which agreements you make with the bank when closing the savings account. There are also differences with deposits, especially when it comes to early withdrawals.

Make savings calculations

Do you want to make a well thought out savings plan? Then use our savings calculations : you can easily calculate the amount that your savings will yield. Or how much you have to deposit in order to reach the desired savings capital over a certain period of time.