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Contact is an initiative of Radars-me Ltd and Radars-me Financial Group Ltd (usually referred to simply as Radars-me on this site). On this page you will find information about who we are, what we do and what we earn from. We also refer to our disclaimer .

Information provided
The purpose of this site is to provide the visitor with independent financial information. Our main focus is on comparing (interest rates on) mortgages, savings products and loans. In our comparisons we include as many companies as possible that offer their own product. Sometimes we cannot include a provider because the company does not publish the product conditions (such as interest rates) or because we do not have access to the conditions (interest rates). Sometimes the same product is offered by different parties under different names (so-called white label products). Usually we only include the company / provider that actually offers the product.

Although we strive to make as complete a comparison as possible of the products offered, our comparisons are therefore not always complete . If you miss a company or product, please let us know by email: [email protected]

What do we do and what do we earn from?
Via this website, the visitor can come into contact with banks, savings banks or other financial service providers for follow-up steps. Radars-me only offers the possibility to contact financial service providers: Radars-me is in no way involved in any follow-up steps. See also our disclaimer .

When we refer a visitor to a Financial service provider, we sometimes receive a fee for this. This can occur, for example, when the link is clicked and / or when an action takes place on the advertiser's website (request for quotation, opening savings account, etc.). In addition, we offer advertisers the option of placing advertisements (in the form of advertorials or banners, for example). For this we may receive a fee per advertisement shown, a fee per click on the advertisement or a fee for displaying the banner during a certain period.

On the website you will find more information about our partnerships and our earnings model. Click here for more info .

To advertise
If you are curious about the possibilities to advertise on this site, we ask you to contact us via telephone number 030-7370653. You can of course also send an email ( [email protected] ). We will contact you as soon as possible.

Questions, comments, tips, other
If you have a question, tip, comment or any other reason to contact us, please send an email to [email protected] . We will always answer your mail as soon as possible.
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