Apple Music is coming to Sony PS5


In a move that will certainly be of interest to gamers and music lovers alike, Sony has announced that Apple Music will now be available on the PlayStation 5. The company notes that this makes it the first game console to feature Apple Music. This will allow gamers to listen to music from the PS5 during or between their gaming sessions.

On the official Sony PS5 blog, Erin Metzger, Director of Product Management at Sony Interactive Entertainment, said, “As of today, PS5 users with an Apple Music subscription can enjoy over 90 million songs from Apple Music, tens of thousands of curated playlists, music videos in 4K, Apple Music Radio streaming today’s hits, classics and country live, and personalized playlists in according to your musical preferences.

Apple Music on Sony PS5: how it works

The Apple Music app can be downloaded from the media area of ​​the PS5. Players can link their Apple Music account by simply following the on-screen instructions.

Once gamers have installed the Apple Music app on the PS5 and logged in, they can start the app before or even during the game. Players will need to press the PS button on the DualSense wireless controller to access the game. control center and select the music function card. They can then find recommendations that match the game they are playing. They can also choose a playlist from their library or any other playlist curated by Apple Music.

Apple Music subscribers can also watch music videos in the app. Gamers can play videos in full screen, but if they return to the game or navigate to another part of the PS5’s menu, the audio in the video will continue to play. Once they return to the Apple Music app, the video will continue to play seamlessly.

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