Apple once again to include headphones in the iPhone box in France


Apple has stopped including a charging brick and wired listeners in the box with new iPhone purchases from last year with the iPhone 12 series. And while Apple shipped the new 2021 iPhone units without chargers or headphones, there is one country where Apple has had to include wired headphones in the box over the past two years to stay within the letter of the law; that country is France.

In France, the government is concerned that children and adults receive RF radiation while holding an iPhone to their ear

In France, it is feared that smartphones bombard the brain with radio frequency energy. As a result, there is a law in force in France which states that users should be encouraged not to hold their phone against the side of their head, especially children 14 and under. As a result, shipping wired headphones in the box with the iPhone like Apple did in the good old days is supposed to encourage French children to avoid soaking up those controversial RF waves.

So, based on the law of the country, Apple encourages users not to hold an iPhone against the side of their head when shipping the smartphone with headphones in the box. The law also requires that the handsets come with an accessory that can limit the exposure of the user’s head to radioelectric emissions while using the phone. This means not holding the handset against one of the user’s ears, which means using EarPods. A member of MacRumors forums called recklesstook a photo showing the “box inside the box” system that Apple has used for the past two years in France.
In the country, Apple uses two boxes with the standard iPhone box placed inside another box that contains the EarPods. So when you open the French iPhone box for the first time, you will see the iPhone 13 tucked away in its box. Remove the box and underneath will be another box containing the EarPods. Keep in mind that if you are concerned about the RF waves feasting on your brain, but don’t want wires all over the place, you can always fork out some cash to buy the AirPods or AirPods Pro.
With this “box inside the box” system, Apple can continue to use the same box worldwide for the iPhone and add the EarPods to streamline the process for Apple.

Outside of France, the iPhone box only includes a Lightning to USB-C cable

Outside of France, iPhone boxes are only delivered with a Lightning to USB-C cable. Apple surprised many by removing the charger from the iPhone 12 box last year with the EarPods. Apple did this to reduce carbon emissions and lead to reduced use of rare earth elements. Apple hopes to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. In the meantime, Apple would rather you reuse your charger from older iPhone models or buy new ones from the Apple Store.

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) noted that 31 scientists from 14 countries came to the conclusion that cell phone radiation is “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. But the organization also said that the radiation found in cell phones is similar to the radiation that cooks food in the microwave. It’s also non-ionizing, which means it won’t damage human DNA.
Still, there is good reason to be concerned in France. 10 years ago, a large study found that people who used cell phones for 10 years had double the rate of cerebral glioma, which is a type of brain tumor. As for children, the fear is that with their thinner skulls, cell phone radiation could penetrate deeper into children’s brains. Of course, the mobile industry denies that the handsets emit deadly radiation and says there is no evidence that this is the case.

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