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Brickdam Police Station arson attorneys Clarence Greene said on Wednesday he was assaulted in a videotaped interview in which he maintained his innocence during Saturday’s hell latest.

When the accused was returned to the scene of the fire in Brickdam, Mr Daniels said Mr Greene was confronted by an inmate who accused him of being responsible for the fire. The lawyer said his client denied responsibility and suggested investigators walk him back to the cell to show them that it was impossible to start the fire with a sponge lit on a wire. “He suggested to the police that, if they wished, they could conduct an inspection of his cell and that this inspection should reveal to them that he is incapable of doing what they suggested he did”, the lawyer said.

Mr Daniels has said on several occasions that these were instructions provided by Mr Greene, who also claimed that he had bruised his shoulder from the assault during police questioning .

“A videotaped interview was conducted with him and during this interview he was repeatedly punched by one of the officers on his left shoulder… He stated that he maintained during this interview that he did not ‘had not started the fire and the allegations against him were false,’ lawyer Ronald Daniels told News-Talk Radio Guyana 103.1 FM / Demerara Waves Online News.

Although Guyanese police have publicly denied allegations by the accused arson that he was forced to sign a statement, attorney Daniels said his client claimed he was forced to ink an alleged confession. . “He was presented with a statement and asked to sign that statement. He could not read this statement when he saw it, ”he said.

The lawyer said he was unsure whether Mr Greene received the statement to read or sign, but the client said an officer urged him to “hurry up and sign” which he did so while under “forced” treatment.

Mr Daniels said the defense team could ask to see the video recording, but that it should be presented in court as evidence if it is found admissible.

His fellow lawyer, Kiswana Jefford, said that to his knowledge, Mr Greene had nothing in his possession that could have been used to set the colonial-era wooden building on fire. “He was searched and no object that could harm anyone or a building was found in him,” he said.

Ms Jefford said after the detainees were moved to two other buildings he was searched twice and nothing was found in his possession.

Police said Mr Greene would be charged and brought to justice before a magistrate on Thursday.

Just hours before Saturday’s fire, police said he was arrested in connection with an armed robbery investigation.

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