Autosteer helps Tesla Model Y achieve record safety ratings in Australia and Europe


The Tesla Model Y has officially become the safest car in Europe and has also earned a record score from Australian safety ratings.

Euro NCAP’s new safety rating was released overnight in Europe and coincides with top ratings from the closely aligned ANCAP in Australia, which awarded a record score of 98% in the Help with safety pillar.

Key to its results was its “lane assist” – known in Tesla vernacular as Autosteer – as well as its camera-based driver monitoring system, which increases the sensitivity of the forward collision warning system. of the car if driver distraction or erratic driving is detected.

Both features received full marks from Euro NCAP, and ANCAP said that in future, direct driver monitoring systems will be part of the evaluation criteria for all vehicles from 2023. in short, cars without cameras to monitor drivers will stand out in the future.

Tesla Vision, the name of the electric vehicle maker’s vision-only vehicle and pedestrian detection system, which came into effect recently after the electric vehicle maker decided to abandon radar, has also been credited with a “remarkable” ability to prevent collisions with other cars, cyclists and pedestrians. .

Euro NCAP and ANCAP safety ratings for the Model Y include a very impressive 97% for adult occupant protection, and an even better score – 98% – for its safety assist features.

It also achieved a high score of 87% for child occupant protection and 82% for vulnerable road users.

Source: Tesla

The ratings come as Tesla ramps up production of its Berlin-made Model Y, which the ratings are based on but which shares safety features with those made at its Fremont and Shanghai factories.

Euro NCAP boss Michiel van Ratingen has praised the electric vehicle maker for its commitment to safety, calling the results ‘exceptional’ and noting it is actually a new record for vehicle safety at Euro NCAP.

“Tesla has shown that nothing but the best is good enough for them, and we hope to see them continue to aspire to that goal in the future,” he said in a statement.

Similarly, Australian safety body ANCAP credited Tesla with an outstanding result.

“The Tesla Model Y demonstrated high levels of performance for its ability to avoid a crash with another vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist, and full points were awarded in the majority of crash avoidance test scenarios. “, noted the ANCAP in its results.

Tesla credits iterative design testing with safety record

Tesla released a statement on its blog regarding the results, saying the fundamental element of its scores is the “iterative process through which we aim to make some of the safest cars on the road even safer.”

Also, “continuous safety improvements” included the addition of a rear underbody, side airbags, multi-collision braking to avoid secondary impacts, and its driver monitoring system.

It has also published a comparison of all recent security tests under the Euro NCAP 2020-2022 protocols.

model Y safety
Source: Tesla

Kia e-Niro and Genesis GV60 also on five-star list

ANCAP also released results for the Kia Niro (which includes its all-electric e-Niro) and the Genesis GV60.

The GV60 scored “strong results” for its front passenger protection and driver side impact test, as well as frontal and side impact scenarios for children.

The GV60.  Source: The GV60.  Source: Genesis
The GV60. Source: The GV60. Source: Genesis

However, it scored lower for the protection of vulnerable road users because although its front bumper protects the legs of pedestrians, the pelvis area has a high risk of injury (only 0.45 points out of 6 possible have been marked).

The Niro in all of its drivetrain iterations earned full marks for the front-row lateral and oblique tests, as well as the upper and lower pedestrian leg impact tests. It also got top marks for its ability to avoid and mitigate collisions at intersections.

Yancap model
Source: ANCAP

The results we published today will give confidence to those looking for a small SUV with alternative propulsion,” ANCAP CEO Carla Hoorweg said in a statement.

The Kia Niro GT EV.  Source: Kia
The Kia Niro GT EV. Source: Kia

Chinese EV makers also score high in Europe

Euro NCAP also noted that Chinese automakers – particularly Great Wall Motors’ Ora Funky Cat which recently arrived in Australia for local evaluation, as well as the Wey Coffee 01 – also performed well in safety tests.

“We’ve seen good results from some Chinese manufacturers in the past, but also very bad ones,” van Ratingen said. He added: “This year Euro NCAP will be testing more Chinese cars than ever before and Great Wall is really setting the standard for others to follow.”

ora funky cat
Source: Ora UK

BYD Atto 3 security test results promised soon

Safety results are also expected in the near future for the BYD Atto 3. At an event in Melbourne on Wednesday, BYD’s Luke Todd said the compact electric SUV is currently being tested in Europe “in conjunction with the ‘ANCAP’.

These remarks, reported by Conduct, were supported by a Euro NCAP response to a reader query. “We have a bit of a delay with this model, it will be released next month,” the security body reported.

A spokesperson for EV Direct confirmed to The Driven that local ANCAP testing is underway.


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