BMW 1800 vs. Jaguar S-Type


For most Americans in the 1960s, the idea of ​​four-legged luxury was an opulent “boat” like the Cadillac Sedan DeVille or the Lincoln Continental. But, European automakers had a different approach based on a compact platform with precise handling that didn’t rely on the power of the V-8. This edition of Auction Dilemma takes a look at two of the earliest examples of European sports sedans that made their way to the United States. Read on as we check out a 1967 BMW 1800 on eBay and a 1965 Jaguar S-Type on

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1967 BMW 1800

Auction dilemma: BMW 1800 Vs. Jaguar S-Type

An early precursor to the midsize BMW 5 Series, the 1800 ignored American luxury in favor of precise driving characteristics. A formula still present in many modern products of the automaker. Details provided by the seller on this 1967 1800 are slim, but its clean appearance is likely the result of a restoration somewhere along the way. Whatever the car’s origins, its clean green panels make it an attractive collector’s item for Bimmer enthusiasts. 18,398 miles are shown on the odometer, but the actual mileage is unknown.

Other changes to the car included an engine swap from the original 1.8-liter engine to a new 2.2-liter four-cylinder. The original factory engine horsepower is 101, but there’s no spec on what’s under the hood now. A five-speed manual transmission controls the rear wheels.

Auction dilemma: BMW 1800 Vs. Jaguar S-Type

The interior revolves around two aftermarket black leather front seats that the seller calls “Recaro style”. Other cabin amenities include functional air conditioning, defroster, and front and rear seat belts.

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1965 Jaguar S-Type

Auction dilemma: BMW 1800 Vs. Jaguar S-Type

Based on the 1950s Jaguar Mark 2, the S-Type offered midsize performance to consumers who preferred a sport sedan with British accents. This cream-colored 1965 S-Type has had some paint and bodywork work as a result of a minor accident, but the exterior is otherwise original and rust-free. Some minor defects are reported by the seller. 31,252 miles are displayed in the odometer, but there is no word on the actual mileage.

According to the seller, the car’s 3.8-liter inline-six engine is original and has no rebuild history. The powertrain was factory-tested in new condition for 220 horsepower. A three-speed automatic transmission manages the rear wheels.

Auction dilemma: BMW 1800 Vs. Jaguar S-Type

Inside, the black leather upholstery is in good condition, as are the burl walnut trim. The lights in the heated cabin work, but the alarm clock and radio do not.

Are you ready to bid on a 1960s sports sedan?

Auction dilemma: BMW 1800 Vs. Jaguar S-Type

These two cars help set the standard for today’s sports sedans. The 1967 BMW 1800 has an asking price of $ 42,995. There are nine days left for the 1967 Jaguar S-Type auction, which currently has a high bid of $ 15,000.



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