Chevrolet Chevelle Vs Plymouth Satellite


Life was simple for an automaker in the 1960s; just put a nice V8 under the hood without worrying too much about fuel consumption and emissions. It is quite the opposite today. Still, we can relive those carefree times thanks to two classics from this edition of Auction Dilemma: a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle on Bring a Trailer and a 1967 Plymouth Satellite on eBay.

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Chevrolet Chevelle 1967

Auction Dilemma: Chevrolet Chevelle Vs. Plymouth Satellite

While the Corvette and Camaro often gain more attention in the Bowtie performance world, the Chevelle workhorse has its legion of fans. This is especially the case with the SS396 (Super Sport) trim which was Chevrolet’s clever attempt to inject some fun into its midsize lineup. This 1967 model benefited from a restoration in 2005, including a repaint of the Madeira Maroon Metallic finish. Minus a few minor flaws, the exterior looks clean. While the odometer displays 27,000 miles, the actual mileage is unknown.

Chevrolet offered three versions of the 396 cubic inch V8 engine, but the list does not specify which one. So, at the very least, this car was factory rated for 325 horsepower and possibly up to 375 horsepower. A four-speed manual transmission manages the rear wheels.

Auction Dilemma: Chevrolet Chevelle Vs. Plymouth Satellite

Showroom-worthy black vinyl siding and nearly pristine interior are worthy of the crisp exterior. Windows and manual locks adorn the cabin, as do an AM radio and clock.

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1967 Plymouth Satellite

Auction Dilemma: Chevrolet Chevelle Vs. Plymouth Satellite

While a Plymouth hasn’t graced a new car showroom in 20 years, Chrysler’s economy brand lives among die-hard Mopar enthusiasts. And at the time, the Satellite did its best against the Chevelle and other midsize offerings. The details provided by the seller on this 1967 satellite are slim, but this is a natural comparison to its Auction Dilemma counterpart thanks to its own restoration. With the exception of the rust reported on the trunk floor, the metallic blue paintwork appears in good condition and provides a nice contrast to the clean chrome.

Under the hood is a 383 cubic inch (when new) four-barrel V8 with 325 horsepower. A three-speed automatic transmission connects to the rear wheels.

Auction Dilemma: Chevrolet Chevelle Vs. Plymouth Satellite

The interior photos aren’t too revealing, but at a glance the black vinyl cabin appears to be in good condition and original. The equipment includes roll-up windows, a reliable AM ​​radio and air conditioning that does not work.

An equal match before and today

Auction Dilemma: Chevrolet Chevelle Vs. Plymouth Satellite

It’s easy to imagine these two cars in a traffic light challenge 54 years ago or today. Even the listing prices (as of this writing) are similar. The 1967 Chevy Chevelle auction ends in six days and has a high bid of $ 28,000. The 1967 Plymouth Satellite listing, with an asking price of $ 25,900, ends within a day.


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