Cobra Electronics Unveils 19 MINI, Ultra-Compact CB Radio Perfect for Everything From Local Businesses to On-Road and Off-Road Entertainment


CHICAGO, December 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Cobra Electronics, the leading designer and distributor of award-winning automotive, mobile and consumer electronics, today unveiled the 19 MINI, the brand’s smallest full-featured CB radio that offers the same quality and the same Professional level performance that customers expect from the leading CB radio manufacturer. With a reputation for excellence among CB radio users, Cobra has endowed the 19 MINI with features and functions that make it the perfect device for installation in smaller spaces, including most on-road and off-road vehicles. from recreational vehicles to work trucks to ATVs.

Joining Cobra’s respected line of recreational and professional CB radios, the 19 MINI is the most convenient and reliable form of communication that can be easily set up and used. Whether it’s a “dead zone” or just a weak cellular signal, the 19 MINI (is particularly useful for remote or rural areas as well as for local businesses that require regular communication between drivers and warehouses or offices.With its LCD display, full-range microphone for optimized sound, compatibility with external speakers and access to over 40 CB radio channels, including NOAA® weather, the 19 MINI is truly a “no cell service, no problem.” Cobra’s smaller CB radio also allows for multiple mounting options for different vehicles.

“The Cobra team continues to bring products to market that attract new industries and new user groups who value proven technologies and the brand’s legendary reliability. The 19 MINI is a perfect example of innovation that leverages our best-in-class CB expertise into a product that appeals to outdoor and leisure enthusiasts as well as businesses, where safety is a top priority, and space saving and portability are paramount, ”said Gail Babitt, CEO of Cedar Electronics. “We challenge the common misconception that CB radios are only for professional truck drivers. With the 19 MINI, people can confidently explore areas where cell phone use is not possible. Thus, whether for leisure or for professional use, clear, reliable, and secure communication, is now possible in any type of vehicle. “

The 19 MINI joins Cobra’s unmatched modern recreational CB line of radio, including the compact Cobra 19 DX IV, the portable HH RT 50 ROAD TRIP, the HH 50 WX ST and more.

The Cobra 19 MINI is now available on the Cobra website for $ 79.95 and will soon be available online at Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. For more information on other CB radio products, visit

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Cobra Electronics is a major brand of Cedar Electronics, a global provider of connected solutions for automotive and consumer electronics. Cobra provides award-winning products and solutions that include connected radar detectors, smart dash cameras, CB and marine radios, inverters, portable starters, and more. Cobra’s connected driver community and sensor-based network annually unlock over 100 million vehicle-to-vehicle and shared alerts, from speed cameras to camera locations to red lights. Building on its 50 year history of producing high quality, reliable and reliable solutions, Cobra expands Cedar Electronics’ mission to empower people to drive smarter and safer. To learn more, please visit

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