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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for moon fall

by Roland Emmerich moon fall plays to the director’s strengths as a sci-fi disaster film, though it’s doubtful the events of moon fall could actually happen. Emmerich is no stranger to creating exciting but unlikely scenarios, having realized Independence Day, Two days laterand 2012. moon fall follows the precedent of these films of improvement from realistic cataclysms to the point of thrilling impossibilities.

In moon fallThe cast of characters, conspiracy theorist KC Houseman, played by John Bradley, discovers that Earth’s moon is artificial and on an accelerated trajectory with Earth. During the natural disasters caused by the approaching moon, Houseman accompanies two astronauts, played by Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson, as they travel to correct the moon’s course. Unfortunately for them, a mysterious swarm-like being inhabits the moon, thwarting their attempts to save both the moon and Earth.


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In a thrilling and wild sci-fi adventure, moon fall leans into his fiction and plays freely with his science. The creative team consulted with scientists to realistically improve the theoretical situations of moon fall, but some aspects of the film are highly improbable while others are impossible. All of this adds up to moon fallThe schlocky premise, however, soothes audiences with enough realism to warrant suspension of disbelief for some of its wackier aspects. From the Moon’s effects on Earth to the film’s futuristic technology, here’s why the sci-fi movie moon fall may or may not be able to actually happen.

The Earth would suffer if the Moon got closer

moon fall depicts the effect of the Moon tightening its orbit around the Earth relatively accurately. As the film shows, if the Moon moved closer to Earth, the effects of its gravity on Earth would increase dramatically. Described as the tidal effect of gravitational waves, the Moon currently causes Earth’s water to rise and fall during high and low tides, as well as ripples in the form of waves. These waves would become more pronounced with a closer moon, equivalent to tsunamis. Additionally, tides would occur in the air, resulting in a fluctuating atmosphere, and in the land, causing earthquakes.

However, moon fallThe devastating implication of the Moon colliding head-on with Earth if it fell out of orbit is slightly inaccurate. As the Moon approached Earth, it would succumb to gravitational force and break apart, its pieces forming an orbital ring similar to those of Saturn. However, debris from this rupture would fall towards Earth, causing cataclysmic damage. While the Earth would not explode with the impact of the debris, the craters caused by the impact would affect the entire surface of the Earth, most likely causing a global extinction and a decrease in the Earth’s habitability.

The public can rest assured, however, as it is highly unlikely that the Moon will leave its orbit and hurtle towards Earth for any reason. The Moon is so stuck in its orbit that it does not move despite the many asteroids that hit it every day. Indeed, unlike the configuration of moon fallAccording to the fictional premise of the Moon, it is constantly moving away from Earth, and slowly at that.

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Ancient Earth society is unlikely

Patrick Wilson in Moonfall by Roland Emmerich.

moon fall posits that the artificial moon was created by an ancient civilization of humanoids who inhabited Earth billions of years before the events of the film. The potential of reality is greatly stretched here; life first appeared on Earth 3.7 billion years ago, and the earth was only habitable for the first time 700 million years ago. Yes moon fallEarth’s first inhabitants originated from another planet and could survive in a mostly watery environment, so his premise is workable, though their advanced technology could still be overstated.

Ancient humanoids created the Moon in moon fall be a combination of space station, vehicle and power source. The technology required to make this happen is beyond current capabilities, but not too extravagant; for example, the methods of energy production in moon fall are similar to those used in solar and nuclear power in reality. In addition, the capabilities of artificial intelligence moon fallCreated elders are, again, currently impossible but not out of a future possibility. Even uploading his intelligence to a computer is considered realistic in science fiction terms, being a few steps beyond what current science is capable of.

In moon fallthe Moon was destined to be one of many arches, salvation for those escaping from a monstrous artificial intelligence, similar to a seizure Dunesis the Earth. This suggests that Earth would have had multiple moons at one time. Sounds weird, but maybe more possible than it seems. Earth has a formal moon, but other masses orbit it as well, mostly asteroids. Where ancient Earth beings would have found the mass needed to make additional moons is skeptically unknown, but Earth would potentially be suitable to host more than one moon in its orbit.

The Moon Couldn’t Be a Powerhouse

Moonfall, space shuttle docking, film by Roland Emmerich.

The moon of moon fall is contrived, in itself an improbable premise; the Moon is theorized to have arisen from the collision of several planetoids, in an event that also created the Earth. With this artificial moon, moon fall continues to claim that the Moon falls out of orbit due to loss of energy from its power source. In the mind of science fiction filmmaker George Méliès, this is inaccurate in relation to the nature of bodies in orbit. No power or energy is expended when an object orbits a planet; rather, an orbit is a natural result of gravity, and therefore moon fallThe moon should have maintained its distance from Earth regardless of its artificiality.

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More impossible is moon fallThe source of energy contained in the Moon. In moon fall, a white dwarf star is inside the Moon, its energy being harvested to power the orbiting structure. While it is theoretically possible to generate energy from white dwarfs through the gravity-derived electromagnetic radiation they give off, the problem is that white dwarfs are stars or suns. As seen with Ikaris and the Sun in Marvels’ Eternals, the suns have a deadly power; a certain distance is necessary for life to exist near a star because of the heat it gives off. A planet can be about 500,000 miles from a white dwarf and still be able to survive; the Moon is less than half that distance from the Earth.

In addition, logistical problems invade moon fallthe use of its white dwarf power source. How ancient Earthlings managed to safely move a small sun close to Earth is unclear. Even if they had created their white dwarf, Earth’s ancient inhabitants would have had to collapse a larger star to form one, an act that would have destroyed them and potentially Earth itself. Additionally, white dwarfs are impractical long-term powerhouses. These suns are, by definition, dying, which inevitably ends in a supernova and powerful explosions, illustrated in Star Trek: Picard. While current projections suggest that it would take a white dwarf a longer period to die than the universe has existed, it seems illogical that a super-intelligent, long-lived civilization would base the power source from its escape pods onto a star that explodes once it has lost all of its remaining energy. Again, fossil fuels are also a finite resource and humans use them, banking on the fact that they will not run out for centuries.

More minor details punch holes in moon falllike the protagonists using a long-defunct museum space shuttle to fly to the Moon, but that’s not what the film is about. moon fall seems intent on maintaining as much scientific precision as necessary to bolster the imagination that fills each scene. Science fiction is, at its core, speculation about what is and what could be in fantasy scenarios, and moon fall is an excellent example of its kind. No matter if moon fall could actually happen, it’s still a fun and wild sci-fi adventure.

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