Could you survive on a reality TV show? Sophie Monk has some tips



“Guys are so vulnerable,” she said. “They have never been in these social circles before. So when they talk, they let go and it’s so innocent.

Monk says it took her about “10 years to figure out” being on reality TV – its beats, edits, and reactions – and she credits her longevity to not taking the hits too personally.

Monk has been on reality TV since appearing on Popstars in winning girl group Bardot, starring (L to R) Tiffany Wood, Sally Polihronas, Katie Underwood, Monk and Belinda Chapple.

“I walked out of a reality show 21 years ago, which was Pop stars, “she said.” So even if it was about singing, I think I got it. I was very sensitive at first – a little too sensitive – but then you realize that people forget. A week later, they turn the page of the newspaper.

“But when you’re in it and you’re new to a reality show, you think the whole world is talking about you – really, a few of your friends can talk about you – but then you realize people move up pretty quickly. . It’s fun at the end of the day, and if you’ve learned anything from it, great.

If someone approached her in the street to ask if he should continue Married at first sight or The bachelorette, what would she recommend?


“It depends on your temperament,” she says. “That’s why a lot of people on reality TV end up saying they got cut badly. It’s not for everyone.

“I like it, because I’m an open book and I like to share too much. But if you are a quiet person, or a very, very private person, I would say don’t do this. But it has always been positive for me.

What has changed since Monk started Pop stars is an audience that expects more diversity on its screens. All-white programming is no longer accepted – unless you watch the next season of Farmer wants a wife, it seems – with casting directors looking for candidates from different backgrounds.

Beauty and the geek has a mix of competitors, but the big breakthrough will come later this year on The bachelorette, when Brooke Blurton made her debut as the first Black and queer bachelorette in history, with male and female competitors vying for its roses.

“It’s awesome,” Monk says. “The format was pretty straightforward, so doing that is amazing. And being the first in the world is amazing for Australia. I think we are ready for it.

Beauty and the Geek premieres on Nine, Sunday, 7 p.m.

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