Douglas Adams was right. Science Journal proves that 42 is the address of the universe


Slashdot Informativity reader writes: First published on January 21, a new publication titled Measurement Quantization asserts that #42 is the address of our universe (Appx. AC), a distinctive feature of our construction that ultimately answers the question of life, the universe and everything – from a physicist’s point of view. It is important to note that the International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics is a premier journal indexed to NASA’s Astronomical Data System (ADS), the peer-reviewed version of

With just over 500 equations, the article solves a complete physical description of dark energy, dark matter, discrete gravity, and unification. Solving over 30 outstanding problems in modern physics, the article derives physical constants from first principles, demonstrates the physical meaning of Planck units, solves discrete versions of SR and GR, derives the equivalence principle, presents a description without parameters of early universe events, discovers a new form of length contraction unrelated to Einstein’s relativity, and identifies the discrete state of our universe – 42. Forty-two is what defines our universe from any other version of a universe. It also determines the rate of expansion and ground state orbit of an atom, thus reducing the number of stable universes as we understand them to a few.

So while Douglas Adams may have just picked random numbers while writing The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, we may also live in a universe that likes to have fun.


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