Golden Ark launches the world’s first cannabis metaverse


Golden Ark launches the world’s first cannabis metaverse

We chat with Mitch Ngo and Jack Lau about Golden Ark launching the very first Alpha version of a Metaverse platform targeting marijuana users.

The platform aims to bring participants everything they want and need to do. From social networking and social gaming, to finding different dispensaries in Ark City and getting wearable marijuana-related items like t-shirts and accessories from Golden Ark stores, growing digital grass and the exchange for real products in Seed Horizons, members have a lot to look forward to within the community.

When users access the Golden Ark Metaverse, they enter The Ark Tree, which contains all spaces accessible to users.

From this tree, users can teleport to Ark City, a fully navigable cityscape and the capital of the Golden Ark Metaverse, Seed Horizons, a universe where users can grow and monetize their own virtual weed farms, or the Lounge Zone, a community space for users to socialize, smoke, or show off their latest NFTs. Residents can hop on an Arcade machine to play Skunktastic Voyage, an exciting arcade game with a win-and-win-to-burn gameplay strategy that rewards users with tokens that can be redeemed at another key destination: Golden Ark Blinds.

As residents explore and play in the Golden Ark Metaverse, they will have multiple opportunities to earn tokens that they can redeem at any Golden Ark store. Merchandise in the store includes NFTs for user avatars, collectibles and seeds for user-run farms, and actual cannabis products that can be shipped. Players can travel through each world for hours or strategically gamify their experience with Golden Ark’s play-to-win and win-to-burn rewards structure. Golden Ark will be the hub of the Metaverse for cannabis lovers around the world.


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