Google Cloud Introduces Crypto-Mining Malware Threat Detection System


Google has announcement the release of a new threat detection system for Google Cloud Platform customers against crypto-mining malware.

Google Cloud’s new Virtual Machine Threat Detection (VTMD) protects Google Cloud Platform customers against growing attacks such as coin mining, data exfiltration, and ransomware.

Additionally, to protect users, VTMD helps provide agentless memory scanning.

“VMTD is the first-to-market detection capability from a leading cloud provider that provides agentless memory scanning to help detect threats such as crypto-mining malware inside your virtual machines executed in Google Cloud”, Google noted in a blog post.

The measure is being rolled out as a “public preview” and Google will integrate VMTD into other parts of its service over the coming months.

VMTD is the latest threat detection layer from Google’s Security Command Center (SCC), the internet company noted.

“The economy of scale enabled by the cloud can help fundamentally change the way security is executed for any business operating in today’s threat landscape,” Google added.

Security solutions integrated into cloud platforms have played a vital role in protecting businesses against cyber threats as cloud technologies are increasingly adopted.

According to the latest Threat Horizons report from Google Cybersecurity Action Team, 86% of compromised cloud instances were used to perform cryptocurrency mining.

Google also announced a regular release of new Google Cloud detection features and integrations over the following months as VMTD moves towards general availability.

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