Halo Infinite gets improved anti-cheat detection and BTB fix


It didn’t take long after its launch for cheats to emerge in Infinite halo. Since the 343 Industries shooter is free to play, some degree of cheating is to be expected. Corn Infinite suffered a lot in this department. Fortunately, the developers plan to implement improved anti-cheat detection in Infinite halo. Along with the news, the game is also getting a patch for its long-discontinued Big Team Battle – or BTB – mode.

As posted by Community Director Brian Jarrard on the official Halo forum, an anti-cheat update is coming. The developer states that cases of cheating have been identified and that 343 Industries “is working on a fix for mid-February.”

Jarrard also explains why players will have to wait for the patch. Matchmaking has “other dependencies” that could interfere with parts of the game.

Additionally, a BTB patch is in the works and is expected to hit live servers in the near future. This patch will fix several issues with the game mode, including random disconnections and difficulty joining lobbies.

Cheating is inevitable

This is not the first time that an employee of 343 Industries has spoken about the state of anti-cheating in Infinite halo. Previously, HaloSenior Community Manager John Junyszek also gave his thoughts on twitter. The tweet, published in November, explained that cheating is a natural part of supporting a free PC game. However, Junyszek wrote that he and the rest of the team are “prepared and determined” to deal with it as best they can.

The specifics of InfiniteAnti-cheat detection is unknown but it is not believed to be well implemented. Strangely, Halo: The Master Chief collection launched with Easy Anti-Cheat support, but no known equivalent is present in Infinite.

It’s frustrating for everyone involved. Playing against a cheater is never fun, and until this promised update arrives, the situation is unlikely to improve. In the meantime, 343 Industries encourages players to report cheaters as quickly as possible through the Halo support site. This is not an ideal system, but it will have to work for now until a better alternative is implemented.


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