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RENO, Nev. — (AP) — Thousands of people in hundreds of cars swarmed parking lots and intersections across Northern Nevada Friday night and Saturday, performing stunts in hot air balloons and resulting in crashes and arrests, it said. the police.

Police have beefed up their night shifts after social media posts urged residents of San Francisco and Portland, Oregon to come to the “show” in Reno, police Lt. Michael Browett said.

The unrest began Friday night when several hundred cars and their occupants met in the parking lot of a still-open Walmart store. Police tried to break up the crowds and drivers sped up, meeting up at several intersections and industrial parks on Saturday morning. A dozen people were arrested, 14 cars impounded and 33 people received citations.

Browett said Reno is just the latest city to see nightly takeovers by car enthusiasts who ignore law enforcement’s efforts to stop illegal and dangerous activity.

“I don’t know if the underlying movement is with this group, but it goes a bit beyond cars,” Browett said. “They’re very anti-authoritarian, and they just show up and do whatever they want.”

Cities across the country have faced similar issues in recent years, including Phoenix, San Francisco and Chicago. Last weekend, three people were killed and several others seriously injured in crashes related to a pop-up show in Wildwood, New Jersey.

In Reno, no one was seriously injured. But Browett said those arrested faced charges of reckless driving, hit and run causing bodily harm and possession of weapons.


This story has been edited to correct the spelling of Lt. Browett’s name on the second reference.


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