Lake comes out of his isolation to talk about one of his guys in Chicago


Jimmy Lake has been keeping an extremely low profile these days since being fired as the University of Washington football coach.

It must have been infuriating, embarrassing, or both, for him to lose his coveted job last November.

He made no public appearances in Seattle, did no interviews with local media, made no statements of any kind.

However, Lake finally reappeared on Monday — he did a radio segment on a Chicago sports talk show called “Mully & Haugh.”

He was ready to come out of isolation to talk about one of his guys.

Kyler Gordon.

The Chicago Bears drafted cornerback Husky in the second round on Friday with the 39th overall pick, and Windy City sports fans want to know more about him.

Lake, the recognized longtime molder of NFL-bound defensive backs, offered the highest praise for the 6-foot, 200-pound Gordon. You can listen to his interview here.

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“He’s the most athletic player I’ve ever coached,” Lake said on air. “He’s a ball of energy, a ball of clay that can bend any way you want. He’s the kind of guy that can just sit here and do a back somersault right in front of you. He can contort his body to defend passes, pick up passes. [The Bears] become an extreme athlete who can play indoors and outdoors. It’s a big choice for Chicago.

As then-UW defensive co-coordinator, Lake recruited Gordon from Mukilteo, Wash., and Archbishop Murphy High School in 2018, moving him away from Notre Dame.

The former coach expects his cornerback to thrive wherever the Bears put him, but he made a suggestion.

“If I was coaching him and sitting in Chicago, I’d cast him outside,” Lake said. “Although everyone wants the 6ft 1in, 6ft 2in wedge – you want that length and I want it too – he doesn’t have it, but what he makes up for is a plus of 40 [inch] vertical jump, which we had at the University of Washington, ultra speed and athleticism, and he can compete with his speed. He’s going to be the elite on the outside.

And with that, after 11 minutes of talking, Lake hung up and returned to self-isolation.

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