Mosquito repellents to prevent dengue at home


One of the most unpleasant things in Singapore, aside from the sweltering heat, has to be the common mosquito. This, coupled with factors such as increased rain and humidity, has recently led to an increase in dengue fever clusters and cases. Which brings us to this handy list of the best mosquito repellents in Singapore to invest in to protect against dengue fever.

However, when it comes to repelling those pesky bugs, synthetic repellent patches and prayers aren’t your only option. There are many smart mosquito deterrents that work far beyond the usual bug spray, rolled up newspapers and other ready-made solutions.

Several tech brands have harnessed the best of technology and science to create highly effective mosquito repellent devices to ward off the dreaded dengue fever in Singapore. All you have to do for peace of mind is just plug them in. Read on for our recommendations.

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Invest in these 7 mosquito repellent tech devices to protect you and your family against dengue fever:

This mosquito killer lamp is free from toxic chemical pesticides, with UV light that attracts mosquitoes and flies to the trap lamp. The built-in fan then sucks pesky insects into the storage box, which effectively traps the mosquitoes until they’re ready to be killed.

Mosquito repellent patches are a thing of the past. These clip-on mosquito repellents are small and lightweight, making them convenient to carry. You can clip them onto bags, shoes, or your clothes, making them a great alternative for kids who are sensitive to strong-smelling patches on the market. The repellent is also derived from an organic formula extracted from plants and can last up to three months.

This sleek, cordless mosquito repellent is so small and compact that it’s perfect for those who are constantly on the go. The 11-centimeter-wide device is small enough to put on your desk, bag, or car without taking up too much space, and its sleek design is an added bonus for sure. The repellent tablet lasts about 720 hours and its battery lasts about 30-45 days.

Our most advanced repellent system from the brand, this repellent creates a 20 foot mosquito protection zone – 80% more surface area than previous models – and is incredibly easy to use, especially in backyards, by the pool and on the terraces. The rechargeable battery provides 5.5 hours of continuous use per charge, and recharging requires 12 hours of continuous mosquito protection with the included fragrance-free refill.

This PowerPac Mosquito Trap is not only effective for mosquitoes, it helps get rid of other unwanted insects in your home such as flying ants and flying termites. This powerful trap produces a brief popping sound once mosquitoes have been zapped, so you’ll know exactly when it’s been turned off. This device can be wall mounted, ceiling suspended or freestanding and is chemical free.

Get rid of annoying mosquitoes with this compact USB rechargeable mosquito repellent. Instead of electromagnetic wave radiation, this device uses ultrasonic waves which have no effect on humans and pets. The five centimeter wide device gets rid of pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies and mice, and is effective for a range of up to 70 square meters.

Baygon may be known for its insecticidal sprays, but it also makes handy devices like the Liquid Electric Repeller. The small heater can be easily plugged into any power outlet and automatically diffuses the repellent liquid to cover a 100 square foot room. Each refill will last approximately one month if used for eight hours each night.


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