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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – NASA wants to re-test a laser in space to speed up space communications and plans to launch its Laser Communication Relay (LCRD) demonstration on Sunday, December 5.

The LCRD, once in orbit, is believed to revolutionize communication in space, using laser communication systems to transmit data from space to Earth.

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The LCRD will be able to bring much more data back to Earth; if the radio waves could transmit 10 photos in one minute, the LCRD could transmit 100.

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This technological demonstration could pave the way for the equivalent of high-definition images to be broadcast back to Earth the next time humans set foot on the moon with NASA’s Artemis missions.

NASA says the information the LCRD will provide is essential in preparing a laser communication system for an operational mission, such as to the Moon or Mars, as it cannot reproduce the same conditions with ground tests.

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The LCRD will fly as a hosted payload aboard a Department of Defense spacecraft from Cape Canaveral, as part of the Space Test Program (STP-3) mission.

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