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Hyderabad: A complaint has been filed with the National Green Tribunal (NGT) against the erection of high voltage electrical transmission pylons across the Mrugavani National Park at Chilkur in the city. Conservationists Donti Narasimha Reddy and Mahesh Mamindla filed a complaint alleging it would harm wildlife in the national park.
Speaking to YOU, Donti Narasimha Reddy said: “They could have bypassed the national park or laid underground cables instead of high voltage cables. The electromagnetic waves from the cables will have a negative impact on wildlife. They claim that 1800 trees are cut, but it would be more than that. TSTransco staff did not properly conduct the environmental impact assessment. The forest department gave permission without investigating in depth.
He added: “ORR has already divided the forest from the reserve encouraging the park and has reduced wildlife movements and now high voltage wires.”
A 400 kV substation is being laid at Rayadurg to meet a 500 MW load in the IT SEZ and property sector in and around Hi-Tec City.
“TSTransco studied three routes and considered a section to minimize forest land requirements. There are no other possible routes. The underground cable is not technically viable. Termination of UG 400kV cable requires about 1000 square meters of starting post on both sides, which is not feasible. In addition, a UG cable of up to 3 km can be laid and this is laid from the 400 kV substation to the ORR. There is no place for UG cable,” Transco officials said.

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