Preview: Littlehampton Museum’s brand new ‘Hope’ exhibition showcases Sussex talent from all walks of life


‘OPEN’ is back after two years of pandemic cancellations

The Littlehampton Museum’s ‘OPEN’ exhibition is back to showcase Sussex talent after two years of pandemic cancellations.

Artists from all walks of life were invited to contribute to the show, combining their range of mediums and abilities to create a unique representation of the theme “Hope”. Described as a “diverse mix of creations”, visitors are promised an “interesting and thought-provoking presentation” at the free show.

Councilor Billy Blanchard-Cooper added that it is “fascinating to see the different interpretations of ‘Hope’ by so many people”.

The exhibition runs until November 23, with a preview of the art on display below. Many images incorporate British seaside iconography, such as seagulls and unruly waves.

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