Sierra Club Iowa Chapter sues Iowa DNR for feedlot in region without drift



The Sierra Club of Iowa chapter has filed a lawsuit against the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. He accuses the Iowa DNR of using bad information to approve a large-scale feeding operation in the environmentally sensitive northeastern Iowa drift-free region. Supreme Beef LLC, near Monona, has built a large-scale Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, or CAFO, that can house 11,600 head of cattle. It is located near the springs of Bloody Run Creek.

The northeastern part of the state is known for its karst topography where groundwater flows more easily. Environmentalists and neighbors fear that excessive application of manure used as fertilizer to crops will harm the precious trout stream.

Bloody Run Creek is one of 34 waterways designated as exceptional waters of Iowa by the Department of Natural Resources (MNR).

“If we can’t protect one of our amazing waters in Iowa, the best we have, then we all have to take a step back and say we can’t really protect anything in Iowa if we can’t. protect Bloody Run, “Steve Veysey, a retired chemist from Iowa State University, told Iowa Public Radio in June.

Veysey is also the organizer of the Committee to Save Bloody Run, an organization formed to raise funds for litigation, water testing and advocacy.

The lawsuit in Clayton County court says the proposed CAFO used a biased nutrient management plan riddled with incorrect information and miscalculations. A spokesperson for the Iowa DNR said the department had no comment at this time.

Members of the Committee to Save Bloody Run said they plan to launch an initiative to test the water in the area’s streams so they can quickly identify when pollution will occur in the future.



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