SLIARC provides information on Covid-19 and disasters to rural communities



BEAUFORT: The Sabah Lower Interior Amateur Radio Club (SLIARC) plays a role in providing true and correct information, especially regarding the Covid-19 vaccine and the disasters occurring in rural areas.

Its vice-president Abd Dini Anjin said that since its members are people working on the front lines, the club has the advantage of relaying precise and important information on current developments and issues.

Abd Dini, a retiree from the Ministry of Health, said that in addition to the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) Civil Defense Force (PDRM) and the Malaysian Volunteer Corps (RELA), club members also come from various educational backgrounds and vocations.

“As members of SLIARC, it is our duty to explain and help local communities understand real information, especially related to the Covid-19 virus, vaccine and fake news,” he said. he declared to Bernama.

He said the club’s standard operating procedure (SOP) dictates that each member should not pass on any information that has not been confirmed by the relevant agency or authority.

Elaborating on SLIARC, Abd Dini said the club was formed in March 2013 and its aim was to help authorities, especially in the Beaufort region in times of disasters such as flooding.

“Beaufort is a flood zone. In such situations, SLIARC is always ready to help if the Disaster Operations Control Center (PKOB) needs communication assistance, ”he said.

He said the use of gadgets such as mobile communication tools or “walkie-talkies” would immediately convey information from at-risk areas to authorities.

He said the communication tools are useful as its radio waves can reach up to five kilometers and are beneficial in areas where internet access is limited.

In addition to this, a mobile platform is also installed in vehicles or in control centers, and radio waves are able to reach a communication distance of between 100 and 150 kilometers.

“The antenna is the most important tool of amateur radio because it determines the communication distance. The higher the antenna, the clearer the communication will be, ”he said.

Apart from this, the repeater is also an important gadget for connecting audio between two points and is usually located in mountainous areas.

Recalling how the Beaufort-based club was formed, Abd Dini said it was the result of the meeting of amateur radio enthusiasts from neighboring districts like Tenom, Sipitang, Kuala Penyu, Menumbok, Membakut, including the Federal Territory of Labuan.

The 198-member SLIARC has participated in several competitions, including the World Wide WPX in September last year and last month, Japan International DX in November 2017 and Padang DX in November 2020 in support of international amateur radio clubs. –Bernama



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