Smart City Project: Jammu will have an integrated command and control center, intelligent traffic system


The city of temples will soon have an integrated command and control center (ICCC), an intelligent traffic management system and a GIS-based electronic payment system for civic services under the project Jammu Smart City.

Divisional Commissioner, Jammu, Dr. Raghav Langer, who is also Chairman of the Board, JSCL, chaired a meeting of relevant officers here on Friday to review the progress and implementation of projects awarded to Bharat Electronics Limited and JaKeGa by Jammu Smart City Limited.

Jammu Smart City Limited (JSCL) has signed a contractual agreement with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) for the establishment of ICCC for the city of Jammu at the cost of 53 crores. The ICCC will integrate all civic and essential services on a single platform to facilitate monitoring and addressing public issues in real time.

The ICCC project will help to establish a collaborative framework where contributions from various functional departments of Jammu Municipal Corporation and other stakeholders such as JDA, transport, water, fire, police, e-governance, etc., can be assimilated and analyzed on a single platform. platform, resulting in aggregated city-level information.

Additionally, this aggregated city-level information can be converted into actionable intelligence, which would be propagated to relevant stakeholders and citizens.

The command center will be a location from which traffic, CCTV, water and other services will be integrated into a single command room.

During the meeting, BEL representatives made a detailed PowerPoint presentation and informed that the project has different components such as ICCC, enterprise GIS solution: property survey, disaster management system, central mechanism grievance system, intelligent traffic management system, public addressing system, environmental sensors, CCTV monitoring system, my Jammu mobile app and environmental sensor.

Regarding the intelligent traffic management system, it was informed that out of a total of 64 junctions in the city of Jammu, the BEL team has selected 44 junctions for the implementation of the project in phase 1 for which a field study of 44 crossroads was carried out.

The proposed system will help detect violations such as blacklisted vehicle, automatic license plate recognition, red light violation, speed limit violation, triple driving detection, missing helmet detection, lack of seat belt detection, mobile use while driving, e-Challan automatic generation.


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