The 1970 Cadillac Coupé DeVille was elegant in every way


We just hope to stumble upon one of these vintage masterpieces in a random garage or car wash. The old days of the 60s and 70s were the days when loads of amazingly stylish cars were being built. Gorgeous American muscle cars were everywhere, roaring and choking like the mainstream vehicles of the day. Muscle car enthusiasts, especially avid collectors, hold these well-structured cars in high regard for their clean bodies and reliable transmissions.

In the very early 1970s, Cadillac’s DeVille coupe was one of the hottest cars. There aren’t more than a few brands that don’t need badges; anyone can recognize them on the spot, including this beauty of a car. The 1970 Cadillac Coupé DeVille was sleek in every way and ruled the streets like no one else could.

Cadillac honored the 70 model year for being the last member of the third generation Cadillac DeVille. With a sales rate of over 181,000 units, the 1970 DeVille proved to be one of the most popular classic cars among the public. Along with the smooth handling and excellent performance it offered, owners were very pleased with the clean and stylish exterior, and in particular the unique V-shaped grille.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the important quirks of the 1970 Cadillac Coupé DeVille and see what makes it a stylish muscle car.

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The big boy of the third-gen Deville coupe had the courage to take on other muscle cars

Cadillac Coupé deVille 1970 Front view

Via Flickr

Perhaps the honor of the fastest muscle car of the ’70s goes to models like the Chevelle SS454 and the Dodge Charger R / T. Their mission was to reach the top of the rankings with incredibly powerful powertrains. It was a matter of taste nonetheless, and the 1970 DeVille Cup was more inclined to hold things at bay. Even so, it was powerful enough to measure up against other popular muscle cars.

Power for the 1970 Cadillac Coupé DeVille was provided by a 7.7-liter gasoline V8 that could produce 375 horsepower at 4,400 rpm and a crazy 525 lb-ft. torque at 3000 rpm. This could meet the needs of the ’70 Deville Coupe to hit 60 MPH in 8.1 seconds from a standstill. Top speed is also reported at 130 MPH.

For the transmission system, the Cadillac Coupé DeVille ’70 received a TH-400 3-speed automatic, which took the handling of this car to the next level. While there have been regular growls about how cruel the V8 is a waste of fuel, overall performance is one of the most spectacular aspects of the 1970 Cadillac DeVille.

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The exterior of the 1970 Cadillac Coupé DeVille was the height of chic

1970 Cadillac Coupé de Ville

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The name “DeVille” has its roots in French, meaning “of the city”. And being a city car doesn’t come like that unless the looks are pleasing to everyone. The ’70s Cadillac Coupé DeVille has what it takes to make everyone on the street stop dead. Its exterior design is second to none and reigns supreme when placed alongside other choices on the table.

As the last member of the crew, the 1970 Cadillac DeVille received some slight modifications to be the top version of its generation. Up front, a subtle facelift added more character to the car. The V-shaped grille could only fit the DeVille. In addition, the edge of the headlights was now colored to harmonize with the bodywork.

Passing through the long hood towards the rear of the car, the taillights were a bit different from the previous model year. They were kept in their V-shaped design, but two smaller, turned counterparts were placed just below the bumper to shape two alluring diamonds.

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Minimal interior felt homely and welcoming

Cadillac Coupé deVille 1970 Interior

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As for the interior of the cabin, the Cadillac Coupé DeVille 70 was not far from the other treasures of that era, unless it was more elegant. While you couldn’t have more than two doors, the DeVille ’70 coupe was spacious enough to accommodate up to 6 passengers.

For the interior design, the 1970 Cadillac DeVille let customers choose from ten different colors that could go with the exterior. Like previous model years, the 1970 DeVille offered the latest features of the day, including an AM / FM radio system, electric clock, hazard warning system, anti-glare rearview mirror, and automatic climate control.

In today’s world, models like the 1970 Cadillac Coupé DeVille may not be as cherished as they deserve. Long hoods and deafening motors aren’t the most popular mixes. Yet we still find these cars luxurious and plentiful.

How to tell if a classic 1969 Cadillac Coupé DeVille is right for you
How to tell if a classic 1969 Cadillac Coupé DeVille is right for you

Let’s take a look at the 1969 DeVille Coupe, how much it costs, and why it might make a perfect car for you.

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