The best alarm and security systems you can buy (and pay only once)


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No monthly subscription or installation costs, these alarms connected to the internet will warn you in the event of movement in your home.

Leaving your home with no one inside is normal, but unfortunately so are house burglaries. And it is that the friends of others are always alert to those houses which remain empty for many hours throughout the day or for several days to come in and take what they can.

Being robbed and robbed is a very delicate situation and makes you feel very vulnerableThat’s why having an alarm that alerts you when something happens is one of the best investments you can make.

If you don’t want to have to pay monthly installments for an alarm, you have the option of install security systems connected to the Internet which will notify you instantly.

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These security systems are installed directly by you in the places you need, in addition they will only need a WiFi internet connection and an application installed on your mobile where it will notify you in case of changes.

They have motion sensors, cameras, or even door and window sensors. The best is that you don’t have to pay monthly installments.

For all households: 5-piece Ring Alarm Kit

5 Piece Ring Alarm Kit at Amazon

This security system Ring, a company that is owned by Amazon, has 5 items among which you have a security camera. And we indicate this because there are other systems of the same brand that do not have a camera.

The 5-piece Ring system includes a control panel with a numeric keypad to enter your unlock PIN code. It also has a base station with speaker to trigger the alarm, a motion detector, a range extender and a contact sensor for doors and windows.

The camera Indoor ring camera allows you to keep your home under control with its motion detection system, night vision and two-way communication.

You will receive all the alerts on your mobile thanks to the notifications and it is fully integrated with Alexa.

The price of this 5-piece kit is 308 euros. If you want it without a camera, it will cost you 229 euros.

Best value for money: eufy Security, 5-piece Smart Home set

Eufy Security 5 Piece Smart Home Set at Amazon

Anker’s connected home brand also offers a complete security system for your home. It’s about the alarm Eufy security smart home set with a total of 5 pieces to which you can also add other products.

The eufy system has a base for connection to the WiFi network and among its products, a motion sensor, an unlocking and locking keypad and two door and window sensors.

But eufy has a larger ecosystem of security products, such as other motion or door sensors, doorbells, as well as indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras to add extra protection when you’re not around. the House.

This starter kit costs less than 150 euros.

The cheapest: LeadEdge AS100

LeadEdge AS100 Alarm System on Amazon

LeadEdge AS100 It is a very complete security system fully compatible with notifications from your mobile application and it can also be used with assistants like Alexa.

This system has a speaker docking station to launch security alerts, as well as a doorbell, two remote controls that allow you to lock or unlock the system.

But on top of that, it has 6 window and door sensors that you can place anywhere other people might enter your home.

The LeadEdge app It allows you to activate or deactivate the alarm system, but you can also do it with your assistant like that of Google, or Alexa, which greatly facilitates the task.

It is one of the cheapest, it costs less than 90 euros on Amazon.

Complete and with SMS notifications: PGST PW-150

PW-150 on Amazon

Another of the cheapest alarm systems you can get right now is this one PGST PW-150.

It is a connected home security system that uses WiFi to connect to the internet and send notifications to your mobile, but it also has a modem into which you insert a SIM card and can send SMS messages with anything. change in your home. This SMS system is perfect in case your WiFi is not working.

It has a central console with a numeric keypad and a screen that displays system information, as well as two remote controls, two RFID remote controls, an alarm button, a motion sensor and 5 door and window sensors.

Not bad for a home alarm system that costs just 99 euros with free shipping.

The most basic: SPC Smart Sensor Set

Set of intelligent SPC sensors on PcComponentes

One of the simplest systems you can find today is this set of SPC smart sensors. It relies entirely on motion sensors to detect intruders in your home, but also any strange movement.

This kit has a fairly compact connection base that can be plugged in anywhere. Two motion sensors and a window and door sensor will be connected to it, although you can expand it with other accessories sold separately.

Its application will allow you to configure your new home alarm system in a few minutes and receive notifications whenever you want on movements in your home.

As always, we recommend extending it with a security camera to know what you are up against and notify the police.

You can buy it from PcComponentes for 66.80 euros with free shipping.

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