The new Kickstarter campaign presents a revolutionary solar cell with improved efficiency.


Optical Rectenna presents highly advanced solar cells that could accelerate the goal of near-global net-zero emissions at least 6-7 times faster than conventional solar cells and all at a much lower cost.

As the world prepares to achieve near-global net-zero emissions goals, as proposed by COP26, there is an urgent need to advance clean energy, such as solar power. Photovoltaic solar cells have been around for some time now, but their outdated design can only provide limited conversion efficiency. With this in mind, a renowned Delaware-based telecommunications specialist, Panomporn Suvannapattana, recently launched a state-of-the-art solar cell project on Kickstarter that ensures more efficiency, versatility, durability and also affordability than traditional solar cells. . Titled “Optical Rectenna”, the new and improved solar cell aims to accelerate the process towards achieving the goal of near-global net-zero emissions.

What separates the new advanced Optical Rectenna solar cells from ordinary photovoltaic solar cells is their next-generation “Rectenna” (antenna + rectifier) ​​design. This ground-breaking infrastructure has been found to offer approximately 60-70% conversion efficiency (conversion of radio wave energy from the sun into DC electricity), which is far superior to that offered by traditional solar cells.

“We are delighted to share with you our revolutionary solar cell project, Optical Rectenna. Our next generation solar cells have been uniquely developed to solve the typical problems we face with traditional photovoltaic solar cells. On the one hand, conventional solar cells are expensive and this automatically limits their adoption by the general public. More importantly, while the theoretical conversion efficiency of traditional solar cells is 40-45%, the practical efficiency is much lower, say 7-15%. Such low conversion efficiency will only set back our near-global goals of net zero emissions, as highlighted by the COP26 conference. This is where our revolutionary Optical Rectenna solar cells promise to offer a more improved solution,” said Mr. Suvannapattana, the founder of Optical Rectenna.

Optical Rectenna solar cells work by capturing electromagnetic waves emitted by the sun. Conductive materials are strategically made of silver, gold or copper because their size and shape match the wavelength of the solar spectrum. When solar electromagnetic waves strike conductive materials, it creates a condition called “resonance”. It is the “resonance” which helps transform the electromagnetic wave into electricity.

“Our new solar cells are not only more affordable and versatile than traditional solar cells, but also offer much higher conversion efficiency. The success of our project will enable us to achieve the desired net zero carbon emissions target by 2050.”

Optical Rectenna solar cells consist of a conductor printed on a substrate that incorporates a rectifier circuit to supply electricity to the same output as the traditional solar cell. State-of-the-art technology helps new solar cells achieve 100% theoretical conversion efficiency. And in practice, the new solar cells have been found to offer 60-70% conversion efficiency. Additionally, the simplicity of the design reduces costs, making Optical Rectenna solar cells 50% more affordable compared to conventional solar cells.

“Our advanced solar cells could accelerate our global goal of near-global net-zero emissions at least 6-7 times faster than conventional solar cells, and that at a reduced cost. From now on, we look forward to starting production of mass of our revolutionary solar cells and thus this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will allow us to bring these advanced solar cells to life and also allow you to take a proactive part in saving the environment.

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on Optical Rectenna solar panels.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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