The world’s thinnest Christmas tree made by researchers


Researchers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) made the world’s thinnest Christmas tree using graphene.


The Christmas tree is only a third of a nanometer thick and 14 centimeters long. It is made of graphene, made up of a layer of carbon atoms one atom thick. The tree was cut from a 10 meter long roll of graphene and transferred in one piece, demonstrating the ability of continuous quality control in the production of graphene.

“Behind the Christmas joke hides an important breakthrough. For the first time, we were able to perform an online quality check of the graphene layer while we were transferring it. This is the key to obtaining stable, reproducible and usable material properties, which is the prerequisite for the use of graphene in, for example, electronic circuits ”, said Professor Peter Boggild, team leader of the ‘experience

Using terahertz (high frequency radio waves) radiation, the team was able to control the electrical quality of graphene to ensure stable transfer from the copper coil on which it is “grown”. The colored images above show how graphene absorbed terahertz radiation, where better absorption indicates more electrically conductive graphene.

The world's thinnest Christmas tree made by researchers 02 |

This video published by the researchers provides an overview of the terahertz transfer and measurement processes.


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