These are the first cars you love and the ones you can part with


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Although this was not the first car that was actually ‘mine’, as in my name, it is the vehicle I was given a set of keys for when I got my license. . It was my grandfather’s old 1984 Chevy C-10 Silverado pickup. It was 2001, and it was bought new a few months before I was born, so for me it was a rusty (but not that rusty), gas guzzling and painfully slow old mobile, at a time when my favorite cars were Corvettes, Firebirds and Eclipses. It smelled like the red man chewing tobacco inside and sometimes liked to wedge himself up on the way up. I hated it a bit, but at the same time I reluctantly accepted that it gave me freedom, so that was our relationship.

Today the fog of adolescent angst has long lifted, so that I can look back longingly and longingly for something I will never find again. This truck was the last new vehicle my grandfather ever bought, and after more than 350,000 kilometers of service – a constant part of my teenage life – it gave up its ghost the same day my grandfather gave up his. Those old, boxy bodies are now worth a mint, although that’s just a minor reason I pity that the truck is gone for good. I tried to track him down after my grandmother sold him, but was unsuccessful. Maybe someday I’ll build a tribute, something like the picture below (I know it’s a K10 and not a C10, but would love a 4×4 if I could have it).

Old Chevy C / K trucks had an air of honesty, down-to-earth, and affordability that modern trucks have avoided altogether. The C / K is not aggressive, it’s not reinforced Where authoritarian. He just wants to do an honest day’s work and come home. For that, I respect him.

Another competitor for my first vehicle was actually an elevated Blazer K5. When my dad and I went to try it I felt like so great that my dad ended up trying to keep it above the double yellow line to avoid hitting cars parked on the street. I didn’t end up buying it.

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