Traxxas delivers Toyota GR Supra GT4 for rc fun


In 2019, Toyota announced the GR Supra GT4, a racing car designed to compete in the fast-growing GT4 class. With a price tag well into the six figures, however, this isn’t exactly a car for everyone. Fear not, though, as you can now buy a small rc version of Traxxas which is a more affordable mite to play with.

The 1:10 scale replica is not a cheap toy, but a quality performance driven RC racer. It is built on the Traxxas 4-Tec 3.0 chassis, which is lengthened and widened compared to the previous 2.0 version to accommodate the Supra’s appropriately scaled wheelbase. The car has all-wheel drive and a top speed of 30 miles per hour. The steering and throttle are fully proportional, and there’s a limited-slip differential too, so enthusiasts won’t be disappointed with the handling.

It’s also fitted with oil-filled shock absorbers matched to the double-link suspension, helping to keep tires planted even on the toughest small racetracks. The suspension is also adjustable to help dial in handling for particular situations. The electronics inside are designed to be waterproof to prevent the car from being destroyed during an accidental excursion into the puddles of the parking lot.

The wheels are designed to be precise scale replicas of those on the GT4 car, and the car sports wider slicks than previous 4-Tec models. Coupled with the wider track, grip should be present in abundance. The car also features a clip-less body mounting system, avoiding the unsightly body pins that go through the hood and tail of many RC models. This goes a long way in making the model look like a much more authentic version of the actual racing car.


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