Video shows terrifying waves crashing over ferry


A video shared on social media shows the terrifying moment the waves caused by Storm Dudley smashed a ferry.

Sebastien EberleGerman newspaper reporter Suddeutsche Zeitungshared the video from inside the ferry on his Twitter account Thursday (February 17), which already had more than 2.5 million views several homes after being shared.

The ferry was traveling in Hamburg, Germany at the time of the incident as Storm Dudley passed through the area.

In the video, the powerful waves crash through the ship’s front windows as passengers attempt to flee astern for safety.

Germany experienced even more severe weather on Thursday as Storm Ylenia swept through the northern part of the European country, with winds reaching up to 94 MPH, reports.

Dudley has since made its way through Northern Europe, with at least five casualties, numerous downed power lines and widespread traffic delays across Germany, The Associated Press reports via the washington post.

The country’s national rail operator, Deutsche Bahn, and airways, Lufthansa, have canceled services due to post-storm conditions, which are expected to continue until Saturday (February 20), the scottish sun reports. shared a gallery of the devastation left in the path of Storm Dudley in parts of Scotland, England, Germany and the Netherlands, which can be found here.


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