Was a UFO seen in the sky over Southern IN Park?


Ever since I wrote my first UFO article, my readers know that I am somewhat obsessed with UFO sightings. I am so intrigued and curious about the possibility of life in space. Seeing the videos and photos sent to me, I wanted to write about them.

Sometimes there is no explanation for the strange things we see in the sky, other times there are perfectly good, scientific explanations for the light shapes we see in the night sky.

Earlier this evening (December 3, 2021) I received a Facebook message with a photo.

It flew over Garvin Park tonight as I was helping with carriage rides … was slow … no noise … took about 3 minutes to pass and then disappeared even though it should have been still be in sight …Of course, everyone here at the horse-drawn carriage rides and fancy lights said it was Santa Claus. – Terra North

Was it a UFO that was seen over Garvin Park?

So what is a Starlink satellite and what are they used for?

According to the Android authority,

Elon Musk’s Starlink effort aims to launch thousands of small satellites into low Earth orbit. They will then be able to transmit fast Internet signals to Earth.

How many Starlink satellites are there?

SpaceX has launched 1,740 Starlink satellites to date, with its first-generation system starting in November 2019. Gen2 is expected to have nearly 30,000 satellites in total. SpaceX’s Starlink mega constellation is designed to provide high-speed internet coverage to users around the world below, especially those in remote and rural areas who do not have access to traditional internet connections. cnbc.com

Space X just launched a record number into space, from Cape Canaveral, a few days ago. So it looks like this time we haven’t seen a UFO.

But, there is always the next time.

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