Where you should avoid driving in Idaho right now


This winter storm is no joke, and recent traffic and accidents in Boise show it exactly. Here is the national weather alert that was issued earlier this week:

Weather alert Boise December 2021

As for traffic, the roads were covered with almost uninterrupted snowfall. For this reason, many roads, streets and even highways have been closed. Traffic is insane in Boise and accidents are skyrocketing.

Where you should avoid driving in Idaho

Here is where you should avoid driving in dangerous road conditions due to weather conditions in Idaho.

This highway was in the top 10 of the worst roads to drive in the snow in the country, according to This article.

How to drive in the snow in Idaho

Now whether or not you are new to Idaho, it is important to know the laws, rules, and general winter etiquette when driving in the snow. So here is a list of them!

5 winter laws, rules, and etiquette everyone in Boise should know:

5 Winter Laws, Rules & Etiquette Everyone in Boise Should Know

When temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, these are things every Boise resident should know.

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